Tuesday, August 30, 2005


this is regarding my post "not another holiday!". i made a mistake. national heroes' day will never fall on a monday because it is scheduled every last sunday of august. this makes the declaration even more pathetic.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

"describe 15 people" thing

Sorry kung gaya gaya pero walang pasok so wala akong magawa. I give credit to the people from whom I got this idea: Ryan & Joji. 16 to kc gusto ko. haha. = )

1.Hindi niya alam pero never ko cya makakalimutan for the rest of my life dahil siya ang taong nagpakilala ng UAAP sa akin. Sa sobrang hilig niya dito, lahat ng tao sa paligid nya nahahawa nya. Isa ako dun kaya ngayon ako ay isang UAAP fanatic. At dahil doon, nagsimula ang appreciation ko for sports.

2.bestfriend ko. Ang katelebabad sessions ko nang sobrang tagal. Tumitigil lang ata kami kapag naalala naming marami pang assignment o kakain na kami ng meal o may ibang gagamit ng telepono. Sobrang understanding at patient kahit na ako ay minsan nagiging unbearable and pathetic.

3.isa ko pang bestfriend. Sobrang talino at bait. Genius ang buong pamilya. Katelebabad ko noon ng madalas.

4.di na kami nagkakausap as often as before. Mukha cyang mataray pero hindi talaga. Sobrang bait at very good listener. Magaling gumawa ng poems at malalim mag-isip. Once, nag-usap kami sa phone at talagang hindi namin binaba. As in pinutol na ng pldt ang pag-uusap namin. lol

5.very deep thinker, is super intelligent and hard-working, can explain views very calmly but they still come out strong, doesn’t give up, makes me & everyone around him feel good about themselves, is a super good friend anyone would want to keep for a very, very long time. And is also a very religious person

6.sobrang makulit at nakakalitong tao pero napakabait naman. Also a great friend I’d like to keep. Genuine & fun to converse with.

7.a person I will never forget because of how different my perception of him/her was from the real person. This person was very honest and opened up to me the very first day we got to talk to each other or second or third (basta sobrang bagong kilala pa lng kami). Has a lot to say about a variety of things.

8.one, if not the first person, I opened up to in pisay. Sobrang nung first year, siya yung favorite kong kausapin kasi naiintindihan niya yung mga sinasabi ko. may sinabi ako sa kanyang bagay na never ko pang nasabi kahit kanino. A person that proves the saying “silent water runs deep.” Siya ata ang kilala kong pinakamagaling magkeep ng sinabi mo sa kanya to him/herself.

9.the person who was the easiest to invite to the youth camp and was the most excited about it. A great leader & friend. Very intelligent and creative. Pretty ‘to.

10.parang parating diet. Sobrang daming notes sa journ mula pa nung grade 4 siya. Masipag. Mahilig mang-asar pero mabait.

11.sobrang galing na creative writer & journalist. Ang natatanging taong kilala kong nagsabi na madali ang news writing in Filipino. :) sobrang bait. Idol ko ang blog nya.

12.mahal na mahal nya ang journ at passion nya yata ito sa buhay. Masaya. Mahal na mahal nya ang yfc. Idol ko rin sa blogging.

13.religious. Masaya kausap tungkol sa faith. Laging nalilito pero always ends up making a decision anyway.

14.we share the same high and eagerness to bring God to other people in school. A really great friend. Very intelligent and talented.

15.is very cheerful and very generous with the resources that he can provide. Masipag, mabait and great friend.

16.the only person that made me feel guilty about not caring and pretending not to know what I knew (lagi ko kasi yang ginagawa. Once lang ako naguilty. Haha.)

Not another holiday!!!

I can’t believe I’m saying this but it’s what I feel at the moment. There are so many things to do yet cannot be accomplished because we don’t have enough time to do so. Is the government starting to implement the planned 4-day work week? I mean we’ve been having holidays galore. In Pisay during busy weeks, holidays often mean going to school without it being official and without subjects because of a need to finish our tasks. Plus to organize a class practice or something would require lots of communication. Yesterday, I think I sent around 50-70 text messages & spent around 12 minutes of calls. I like not having classes but it shouldn’t be that often. We should respect holidays. They have dates so that Filipinos could commemorate events in history on that exact day. I don’t want to do the math so I won’t. But as far as I know, a date does not fall on a Sunday every single year. In fact, it’s not that often. So let’s bear with the fact that sometimes, they would have to fall on a Sunday. If they want commemoration, hold activities that would actually make everyone remember whether it’s a weekday or falls on a weekend. How many people do you think will actually take some time to think of our heroes tomorrow? Our country is in a crisis. We need to work. And we can’t if we keep on taking surprise day-offs so often. I wouldn’t be nagging here if National Heroes’ Day really falls on a Monday. Surprise holidays only destroy the schedule of people who have been planning stuff. Don’t take me the wrong way. I love day-offs. I adore them. They give me extra time to sleep and rest. But right now I think there are more important things than sleep and rest that have to be done.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

La Salle - FEU game

La Salle lost its game against FEU. They gained the lead a couple of times but at the end the Tamaraws managed to maintain their one-point lead. As a see-saw battle was happening, Villanueva, who was coming from the bench heated up and hyped up the tamaraws bringing the score to 70-64 in favor of FEU. Joseph Yeo hit a triple bringing down the lead to 3 points. FEU kept committing turnovers down the stretch keeping DLSU’s chances up. Rizada fouled Maierhoffer hard preventing him from causing a deadlock. He was hurt quite badly that Tang had to be the one to make the free throws. He missed the first but made the second one putting them behind by only one point. As the game was about to end, they committed another one, which gave La Salle possession with FEU leading only by one. Joseph Yeo had to put it up from the 3-point area as he and the rest of his teammates were trapped with only four seconds left in the game. He missed but Maierhoffer had the chance to put the ball back in but the ball hit the ring too strong causing the ball to bounce out.

And that is La Salle’s fate for today. A 70-69 loss against the team they beat in last season’s finals.

But it’s not over ‘till it’s finally over. La Salle will bounce back from that loss, continue playing great basketball and if God wills it, they are going to get the Senior men’s basketball title for the second season in a row. God bless them!!!

Friday, August 19, 2005

stuff that have been happening

I’m posting three entries because I rarely have the chance to update especially since every single day is so hectic. This last week, there were at LEAST three things I had to attend to for the three days. //It would have been five if classes weren’t suspended today and yesterday. I tried to go to two last Monday but I wasn’t able to concentrate in one because I was always looking at the clock and wondering if the other one was starting already. Thus, I performed not badly but not to par as how I should have. Last Tuesday, I went to two as well because we had a short meeting re our plans for YFC in pisay. Last Wednesday, I only attended one. I was already exhausted that day. I don’t think I could have rushed from one place to another. At least, rest day tomorrow. There’s just a need for some review. Tas cluster meeting naming sa gabi. Yippee. On Saturday, two activities na naman. I just realized that the title in one of my past entries ‘busy week or weekend’ or something isn’t appropriate because I can say that for every single week or weekend. E di pare-pareho na lang title ko each week. But I’m thankful because extra-curricular stuff keep me sane. //Totoo pa ba ‘to? Haha. Sane pa ba ako?!

As for my academics, parang ang low talaga ng performance ko sa first quarter. Ang tamad ko at paeasy-easy lang ako. Nagsisispag lang ako ‘pag feel ko. This is the reason why I’m not expecting much because I know I haven’t put up my best effort. Of course, I’m still praying hard that my grades wouldn’t be really bad. I’m trying to catch up this quarter. I’m doing homework at home and doing my best to manage my time. I realized that this is the only possible thing I can do to keep up with the demands of third year. I hope I can keep it up for the entire quarter or the entire year.

this SY's sectioning

I want to comment about this year’s sectioning. I know we’re already done with the first quarter but I’m starting to gain insight on these stuff. My batchmates were saying that people in last year’s sections were more or less the same in character or their personalities complimented each other. I did not think this was true as I entered and even as I left Jasmin. But now that I’m in Beryllium, those ideas might actually be true. In Jasmin, we had responsible people & not so responsible ones, good leaders & good followers, hard-working directors & amazing actors, quiet people & active people, science inclined individuals & humanities experts, sports enthusiasts, and funny people & dramatic people. We even had those who tried to be funny and really made us laugh and those who were really just naturally entertaining. Not included in the list is basketball because almost every single guy in Jasmin loved basketball. They are married to the ball & the court. With that, everyone had their own turns at being the star or the great one because we all had different inclinations. We were all given the chance to help one another because each one of us had an unstated but evident and important role to play in the class. In my view, there weren’t any serious clashes in personality. The greatness of one illuminated the talent of another. I do not think there is one adjective that could describe each and every member of Jasmin. The class was just so diverse that it made everyday a unique experience to look forward to.

I wish I could say the same thing about Beryllium but I do not understand the class well yet. I agree with what Nico said in his blog. The people in Be are genuine. I do not see people who have pretensions or are trying to be who they’re not. Everybody is just open and I guess that’s good. Our personalities might not really compliment each other but I think it’s the same thing for each and every third year section. We just have to try to help each other attain our goals. And so far, Be seems to be a fun section. People are so bubbly(synonymous to noisy and hyper-active, only it sounds better). We are getting along just fine. There are some problems but they’re erased. It may not be smooth sailing but we’re adapting pretty well. I know that the individuals in Beryllium will somehow learn how to work as one and function as an efficient cluster. I do not know what lies ahead for us this year but I’m glad I’d be spending it with Beryllium because I can not imagine myself in any other section. //Ang drama ng part na to ha?! Dapat matouch kyo Be, haha.

And btw, tama din si rob when he said that ang maganda sa be ay yung mga taong makikilala mo, yung individuals.

ABS-CBN studio tour

We (for most of us to say the least) had our premiere on national TV a while ago. Haha. We had a studio tour at ABS where we viewed various studios and watched Wowowee. : p Everything is so much larger on TV. That explains why people are fatter when seen on television. Considering that a lot of artists seem so thin on TV, I could only imagine how thin they really are. Anyway, we enjoyed. It was Eng Journ bonding. It probably isn’t really considered bonding but it was the first time we went out as a group so I could probably call it that. We saw the ASAP & Game KNB studios which were incredibly smaller than I thought. All the others were fine I guess. I don’t expect news studios to be really big anyway. We went to Gerry’s afterwards.

I’m having fun in Eng Journ especially in the training. Ang sayang kasama nila ray2, ben, ryan and henson. Pati pala ni ate val. Ma’am Jams, thanks for being so patient with us and teaching us despite our laziness and hard-headedness. :p