Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas! ü

Life is stronger than death. Love is stronger than any evil possible.

-Fr. Ben Nebres, last night of Simbang Gabi at the Gesu
During this season, let us allow ourselves to be filled with the love of God, as we celebrate the birth of the greatest proof of His love for us. Merry Christmas everyone!ü

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

"but i'm a girl"

One of my teachers this sem who is absolutely great said this and I love it. :)) :D
I don't want to be inconsistent but I'm a girl so I can change my mind.

//comments. :D

Learned from Blogger Buzz:
After just two short weeks of testing on Blogger in draft, OpenID commenting is now available for all Blogger blogs. This means that your friends and readers can leave authenticated comments on your blog using their blog URLs from OpenID-enabled services such as, LiveJournal, and AOL Journals, or with their AOL/AIM accounts.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I saw this on someone's shirt last sem and it screamed and still screams at me, "Clarisse, magaral ka!" Hahaha. :))
The desire to win is important but the desire to prepare is essential.

Monday, December 10, 2007


Why is it that I end up really drained after EVERY Math long test?

Really, really, really tired right now. My heart rate is so high. I'm afraid I might be one of those people prone to having a heart attack at an early age. Haaay. Kaya I'm writing this senseless blog entry na lang hoping I'd become stable soon. :p

Oh oh oh! Guess what book I'm reading right now. "Filipino Youth in Special High Schools: A survey of Senior Students of Philippine Science High School, Philippine High School for the Arts and O.B. Montessori High School"

Sobrang natuwa ako nung nakita ko sa library. Just felt like sharing. :)

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Tuned In

Tuned In Youth Camp
November 29-December 1
God’s Love Resort, San Mateo, Rizal

It’s amazing how a group of people can go through the same experience and gain a wide variety of realizations from it. Sa sobrang galing ni God, kahit isa lang ang nangyayari, kaya niya tayo kausapin personally.

When ate Noreen asked me to share for talk 1, I was quite apprehensive. I thought to myself, “Anong ishashare ko? Puro stress at pagod lang ang naiisip ko ngayon.” It took me some time before I replied. I heard Mass. Afterwards, I realized “Pag sinabi mo Clarisse na wala kang mashare sa God’s love para mong sinabi na hindi mo pa nararamadaman ang pagmamahal ni God. Ang kapal ng mukha mo para sabihin ‘yun.” I said yes despite the fact that I still had no idea what to share. I then proceeded to write a 1 page paper for 3 hours, celebrating a blockmate’s birthday, and then finding out that I made a mistake in my paper and had to edit it. I arrived at the camp meeting place really tired.

I spoke to ate Noreen and she told me, “You have a whole life journey to share.” Pray-over. Spoke with Kuya Paul and Kuya Kevin. Nothing. And so I sat down and prayed, looking back and trying to remember when I felt God’s love the most. He reminded me of last sembreak. Right in my seat, while listening to Kuya Paul’s talk and remembering that break, tears fell from my eyes.

All throughout the camp, sinabi niya sa akin, Clarisse, imperfect as you are, I love you. No matter how imperfectly you praise me, how at times you forget to listen, how at times you take all the credit for yourself and how you allow your pride to surface, I love you and I will be at your side.

Ang sarap maramdaman nun.

As Ate Mika said during the processing of the camp, sobra na lang kung hindi pa kami maniwala kay God sa lahat ng nangyari. Narealize ko ang tanga tanga ko lang kung hindi ko narinig ang sinasabi sa akin ni God. Mahal niya ako.

And then I recall what was asked during the faci training or worship workshop, what keeps you coming back to YFC? Sagot: God’s love again.

Tama si Jason. Whenever I allow myself to be used by God, I receive much more than I even give.

Ang sarap magsilbi kay God kasi kung tutuusin, hindi ka mababawasan, hindi posibleng mapagod. First and foremost, everything in you is from God. Whatever it is I believe I’m giving is actually from Him. He’s so generous that when you answer His call to be His instrument, He just fills you up even more. As we always hear in YFC, the love He has for us is overflowing.

When you have an eternal source of love like Him, how in the universe could you possibly run out? How could you possibly get tired of doing this?

And that love that God floods us with is also the reason why I feel totally comfortable and at home in YFC.

In YFC, we know we’re imperfect and that we sometimes forget or just neglect the presence of God in our lives. Hindi naman kasi constant yung ganitong high, hindi naman kasi lagi na sigurado akong love ako ni God at aalagaan niya ako, hindi naman laging walang doubt. Pero ‘pag kasama mo yung mga tao na ipapaalala lang sayo through their lives, their friendship and their constant effort to surpass any struggle with their faith na there is a God at na walang hihigit sa mga times na ramdam na ramdam mo lang yung pagmamahal ni God, grabe lang. Like what I shared during the amazing race, kahit alam mo na mahirap, hindi ka mapapagod kasi ang gaan ng pakiramdam when you’re with these people.

It’s not the safest family to be in – not even for our faith. Kasi kung tutuusin, malakas ang oppressions na binabato at YFC’s way. But one thing’s for sure, difficult times are made easier by people who remind you of God’s love.

With that, thank you:

Batchmates, ang saya niyo kasama sobra. I’m looking forward to spending 3+ more years in this org and a lifetime of friendship and shared prayers. Go freshies. :)

Kuyas and ates, thank you! I will say it again. God told me that it was my role at that moment to continue praying. I always have the urge to help out when things go wrong. Plus being the pasaway that I am, I could have ignored God’s message. But I was able to pray during that time because I knew you were there taking care of everything else. I never cease learning from all of you. Thank you too for the support and prayers. It feels great to know there are people beside us and willing to watch our back in this never-ending spiritual journey. You are living witnesses of how God works wonders in people’s lives.

I feel truly blessed to be in the YFC-Ateneo family.

God for bringing me here, for Your love, for choosing me as your instrument despite my shortcomings. Thank you!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

La Cucaracha

I learned this in Spanish class yesterday.

La cucaracha translates to cockroach.

Why in the universe is there a song about cockroaches? :o

I'm sorry. Just had to share how disturbing it was for all of us in class to finally discover what la cucaracha in the famous song meant.