Sunday, June 25, 2006

russian bread

Here’s one story that Fr. George mentioned in his homily last Sunday, the celebration of the solemnity of the body and blood of Christ.

According to him, this story can answer the question as to why we don’t feel anything when we receive the Holy Eucharist even if this is the Body of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Some Americans and Russians worked together in a mission. At one point, they had no other food left but Russian bread (very hard bread according to Fr. George). One American was very hungry so he decided to try the bread. Because it was so tough, one of his teeth fell of. He got dismayed and said, “useless communist bread.” The Russian heard this and said, “That’s not useless communist bread. It’s just weak capitalist tooth.” üüüü

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Harbour Center Portmasters...

are the PBL Unity Cup 2006 champions.

They worked hard to climb from the bottom but they victoriously made it to the top. Every single one of them did what they had to do. They truly deserve the championship.

Congratulations Harbour!

And once again I'd like to mention, it's only their 3rd conference in the PBL.


Tuesday, June 06, 2006

wala lang...

It’s quite interesting to hear people from the airline industry talking.

“Saan ka ba pupunta?”
“Sa Austria, France and Italy”
“Maganda ‘dun. Pumunta ka na rin ng Frankfurt. ”

That industry doesn’t give very high compensation. But they have the privilege to travel. If you really think about it, just buying a ticket would cost a person around 100,000php at the least. For those who work in the industry, they get their tickets for free and tickets for their family with as much as a 95% discount. If you’ve been there long enough, libre na. I think they’re blessed.

Monday, June 05, 2006

to the finals...

Harbour Center, only in its 2nd season in the PBL, makes it to the Finals for the first time ever. They had to defeat Granny Goose that had a twice to beat advantage and the seasoned Montaña in a best of five semifinal series to get to where they are now despite starting really slow and ending the eliminations in 6th place. I’m sure, with God’s grace, they could just become the Unity Cup ’06 champions.