Thursday, March 31, 2005

random thoughts

Since I have very random thoughts at the moment, they are going to be rather disorganized. Now, I’m just gonna write and write so sorry if you get confused.

American Idol: I apparently am still hooked to it after 1 whole season. I like Carrie Underwood. She’s unique like Fantasia. I guess she’s good. Simon thinks she’s gonna win. I mean he said it while there were still 11 of them. From yesterday, I like Nadia’s, Carrie’s, Constantine’s (surprisingly) & Vonzell’s(she was super amazing. great voice) performance. I used to like Anwar so much but he’s becoming boring. I'm so sad that Jessica left. She's a really good singer but i guess a lot of people don't like her. and i guess she's forgettable. i tend to forget her name sometimes.

UAAP: I know. It’s only March and I’m already thinking about it. I’m just so excited that I already have the 1st round’s schedule on my cellphone. Season 68 is going to be interesting because there are new coaches & players who will be leaving. For La Salle, still Franz Pumaren as coach but the team will be playing without Gaco (not eligible to play anymore) & Mac Cardona (decided to join the 2005 annual PBA draft which disqualifies him from playing in the UAAP this season). Who’s going to be team captain this season? People are rooting for TY Tang and Jun-jun Cabatu but who knows. Ateneo is going to replace Sandy Arespacochaga (going to be First Assistant Coach for season 68) with Norman Black (who was the team’s consultant last year). The Eagles are going to loose Chris Tiu for the season. He’s going to France for an exchange program. He’ll be staying there for 1 sem. From what I’ve heard he has high grades. They’re not sure about Tenorio yet because he’s also thinking about joining the 2005 PBA draft like Cardona. I don’t really know much about FEU. I learned some time during the last PBL season that Coy isn’t going to be the coach of the tamaraws for 68 but haven’t heard about it lately. This time Adamson is going to be the host school. The Archers’ 1st game will be against the Eagles on July 10 at 4 pm. Pumaren against his former mentor, Black. It’s going to be interesting watching the Archers without Cardona. I mean for the past 4 years I’ve been watching UAAP, Cardona has always been there. But I guess it’s going to be ok. I’ve watched other star players leave before the end of 5 years in the game. Actually, I’ve watched only 2, Manalo and Sharma. But I hope they pull it off without Cardona & Gaco. This season’s juniors have to step up even more because Yeo, Tang & Cabatu can’t do things on their own. But hey, Arana & Casio are still there and they are continuously improving. If Casio’s 3-point shot during Finals Game 3 wasn’t improvement, I don’t know what is. & I hope their training abroad does them some good. It did help them win the crown last year.Gosh! That was really long. I told you I wanted to rant and rave a lot.

PBL: Cardona & Gaco are going to play for Harbor Center with the before AMP-Ateneo Team. Part of the team is Tenorio, Membrere, Intal, Fonacier, etc. Quite interesting. ICTSI is going to take a leave of absence because of the training the Archers will be having. Harbor Center’s 1st game will be against Magnolia Ice cream. I’m definitely going to watch that.

first entry (this is the title due to lack of ideas & creativity)

So after a long time of contemplation, I finally decide to have a blog. So officially, this is my first entry. I want to tell you as early as now that my life is rather uninteresting & boring so I don’t think this blog is going to be worth a lot of people’s time. Hihi. What a pessimist. I know. I’m just putting this up because I want to be able to rant and rave about the different things in my life. And because, it’s the 1st, I have lots to say.

This summer is turning out to be as boring as my other summers. No! I’m not being pessimistic on this one. This is I being realistic. Here are the only things I’ve done:

Went shopping. I haven’t done that for a pretty long time. I don’t really go shopping. We went to Galleria during the sale and bought some clothes that were really cheap. I was able to buy 150 peso blouses. They were originally 300. Bought a pair of 700+ pants at 400 pesos. And some other clothes.

Attended my sister’s grad. It was nice to see the school, gs teachers, spc nuns & old friends who had sisters in my sister’s batch. I saw how organized the singing of the songs, the lining up, the walking, the bowing and believe it or not the standing and the sitting were. I remembered how perfect activities in St. Paul had to be. The Thanksgiving Day during Pre-school, Recognition Days, 1st Holy communion & the GS Graduation. In St. Paul, we practiced each of the activities to the smallest detail. And we practiced each of them for really long durations of time. For the 1st communion during grade 3, there were 2 songs with 2nd voice but during grad, all the songs did. We sang each song approximately a bazillion times that I remember falling asleep during grad practice. J We even have a conductress during those activities. Not only that. We practiced the whole mass. Even the communion part. We practiced the responses. We even practiced how to stand and sit all at the same time. Seeing my sister’s batch do it was really funny. I guess we also looked like robots with a switch or keyhole. We practiced accepting the diploma and the awards on stage (get with the right hand, transfer to the left, shake the nun’s and the teacher’s hands, say thank you, face the audience then bow). All those done while smiling. Imagine having to watch all your batchmates do that while you have to sit and shut up in your seat. Really tiring. We practiced entrance and exit. We even have dress rehearsals. For most of the grad practice, they asked us to wear stockings and our high-heel shoes (heels have to be 2 to 3 inches in height) so that we get use to wearing them. The teachers and nuns will not think twice about asking you to sit and stand about 20 times just to make sure not a single student from the group of 350-400 gets left behind. And they wouldn’t hesitate asking everyone to go in and out of the venue just to make sure everyone walked properly and smiled as well. But no matter how tiring all of these were, they were all worth it because the activities felt really special to us. Each activity in that school was extra memorable and unforgettable. I guess this is too much reminiscing for one entry.

Attended a daughter of my mom’s friend’s grad party. I met someone from 09 there.

Visita Iglesia with my paternal grandparents, aunts, uncles & cousins. Something we do every Holy Thursday since I could remember.

Something I’ve never done before: I went to my tita’s house in Bulacan during Holy week. (We don’t really leave the house during Holy week. Good Fridays & Black Saturdays are spent lazily at home.) We watched the parade of saints and statues of the Stations of the Cross. I don’t know what the event is called but I had fun. I had to hold on to rails the whole time. I took the pictures. hihi. some of them are really bad. I'll post some of them in the future. It was relaxing to be in the province. I even got to watch Raise Your Voice and Million Dollar Baby there.

Had a haircut. My hair turned out really short. I don’t think our hairdresser knows where the shoulders are.

Other than that, I’ve been doing household chores. Sad but I have no choice. We don’t have a maid at the moment which really, really sucks. I hope we find one soon. Then, I’ve been watching TV, DVDs, surfing the net and reading everyone’s blogs (more often than not, Fatima’s, Maisie’s, Ma’am Jams’ & Sir Martin’s). And since I wanted to do something else, I decided to have a blog. Sorry for the long entry. I’m just really bored.