Saturday, February 25, 2006


Today’s the anniversary of the historical People Power 1. The whole world looked up to this event and admired the Filipino people for it.

As Chico and Delamar said on radio, there was just so much innocence in that event. People just had that earnest desire to bring back democracy and overthrow a dictator. Right now, I just can’t find any reason why people would want to join these protests, these so called exercise of the people’s right to freely express themselves. The innocence is no longer there. In every rally I see, I see only some person’s political agenda and not the desire to change a rotten system. I know in the future (though I hope not very far from now) people will laugh at our present situation. The Filipinos will see that their rights have been used as a political move. Unless each person develops not only the hope that things will change but also the strength to do something about it, the Philippines will never be able to get itself out of the bottomless pit we’ve been digging for ourselves for quite some time now.

And the people who know what they should do for the country are those who went to the different GK sites in the country and went to the QC Circle this afternoon. Hats off to the 1 million Filipinos who spent this historic day doing something for the country. Mabuhay sa 1 milyong bayani na tumulong sa Gawad Kalinga sa araw na ito. Kayo ang mga tunay na Pilipinong nagmamahal sa bayan.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

New York! New York!


The night of all nights. The night our batch officers, teachers and parents have been preparing for since last school year. It’s done and over with.

First and foremost, I would like to thank our parents, teachers, our batch officers Egg, Rob, Mich, Shayne, Cheska and Jerome, the other people who helped out Maisie, Jackie, Nico, Joriel, etc. Thanks for preparing for us such an amazing night. We all saw your hard work and dedication in preparing for this. Congratulations! It was just exceptional.

Thanks din ng sobra sa parents ko! Thanks for my gown, hair, make-up and all the support. Thank you! Thank you talaga!

Everyone really looked respectable in their formal attires. Sobrang cute ng lahat ng tao kagabi.

I started fixing myself when I got home from school. Yup. We had achievement tests before the prom. I went to Regine’s in Park Square at around 5. I was late for my 4:30 appointment (so typical of me). I had my hair and make-up done. Yay! Malapit lang naman sa Shang so k lang.

I arrived at Shangri-la at 6:45 because my mom dropped by Landmark for a few minutes. The first people I saw were Nico and Ray2 because they were outside at that time. Then, of course we had to say hi to everyone and register. Then I had my photo taken. Hindi dahil stag hindi na ko magkakaroon ng prom picture no. Hihi. Then we voted for whom we thought were deserving to be prom prince, princess and the couple of the night.

Then there was the opening prayer, the introduction of the emcees Antonio Macasieb and Kat Chan, the opening remarks by Rob Roque, the passing of the key of responsibility form Batch ’06 President Mariel Chavez to Batch ’07 president Egg Aherrera and the cotillion.

I didn’t have a date para sa mga hindi pa alam. Nakaupo kami sa isang all-girls stag table. 8 ang beryllium at 2 cesium. Mind you there are only 11 girls in beryllium. Haha. But we were laughing almost the entire time. The food was good. Honestly, I wasn’t very positive about the food before prom night but it exceeded my stomach’s capacity. Matakaw ako kaya ang filling talaga ng food and super sarap pa. We had soup that had mussels ata, then the main course, a large piece of chicken breast with rice (I forgot what they called it) and vegetables of course. Don’t ask me what we had for dessert. I couldn’t pronounce it and I forgot how to spell it.

Then the 10 people for each category who got the most number of votes were announced. For prom princess, beryllium had a representative in the very beautiful Jami Villaroman and for prom prince, Paul Averilla and Jao Ong. Jeffrey Hidalgo, a pisay alumnus and one of the judges, sang for the candidates for Princess of Manhattan and Queen of Queens. Even he was amazed at our prom. Ang galing nya kumanta.

So those who won were Ed Santos and Dane Leonardo as the Juniors’ couple of the night, (I don’t know the names of thoe seniors’ couple of the night but their coordinated costumes were cute), Nicholas Juat(’06) and Grazielle Versoza(’07), Jao Ong as Prince of Manhattan, Egg Aherrera as Princess of Manhattan, the guy with the cape as King of Queens and Valerie Gatdula as Queen of Queens. I think they all deserved their awards. Egg was very beautiful last night. Her gown was simple yet very sophisticated. I also think she wasn’t just the princess of the night. She really deserves it as she put so much into the prom preparations so that everyone would enjoy. Jao was in a white suit. It was impossible for him not to stand out. The guy in the cape. Duh. He was in cape. The same as Jao he was noticeable. Ate Val was as usual stunning. In her case, what she wears doesn’t matter because she makes everything she wears look good. All her clothes are blessed. They should thank her.

The dancing started. Then we took pictures once again. A lot of them in different cameras. The formal ones were one with the rest of the beryllium stag girls and one with Eng Journ 1.

In between the picture taking, when we sat down on our places and the fast tunes were replaced with slow music, we realized we didn’t have dates. Si Fatima nadepress na nga ata e. For a person who doesn’t really care or tries not to care about being stag and all those things, I was pretty much sad at the fact that we had to sit down while the others were dancing. But we decided to dance anyway, us girls, but we never stayed in the dance floor too long. I mean medyo pang gulo lang kami sa mga pairs na sumasayaw. Then, thanks to our wonderful guy friends and amazing Garnet big brother, we were able to dance na rin so we had fun too. Nawala na yung lungkot sa pagiging stag. Sadly, I had to go home at 12:20 because we thought it would end at 12. Medyo mga 30-45 minutes lang ata ang total time na tumapak ako sa dance floor. Yup. The dancing started late.

And that was it. Tama si Ma’am Jams, she advised us to start dancing right away. It was the best part of the night. But of course, I can’t wait to see my prom pictures and group pics as well. We had so much fun that I was sad to see the night end. One of the items in our English achievement test was correct in saying that time flies fast during prom night. We were just so surprised when we saw the time before the dancing began, it was 10:45. Then without us noticing, we all had to leave.

Ilang beses ko na to inulit pero totoo talaga kasi. Maraming beses akong nagdoubt sa quality ng prom at maraming beses din akong nagtanong sa sarili kung bakit natin kinailangang gumastos ng considerably large amount for it but sobrang nahiya ako na I had those doubts. When I got home, I was just really happy and all the preparations were worth it. Thanks ulit sa lahat ng nagprepare. We owe one of the most memorable nights in our Pisay life to you guys.

YMSAT week (part 2-math club events)

And now as Math Club members, we get to do the most enviable tasks.

·First off, Fatima gave the Math club symposium regarding the Pythagorean theorem (I know… It’s nerdy but who cares. People from other schools actually signed up to attend it. Haha.) I was there to support and conduct games and stuff. It was fun. Most of the group seemed to have fun too. For the 1st and 2nd years who were there, SOH-CAH-TOA will now be one of the topics they will await with much joy and excitement in their hearts in the year/s to come.

·Math intersection of the 1st year was the only one I was able to proctor in. For the team competition, I proctored Topaz who won 2nd place. *applause* The determining factor for their victory was the 9 points they earned from the difficult round. They were very active children but if that’s the way they solve Math problems then who am I to object. lol. *another round of applause*

·For the individual round, I was supposed to proctor Ysy Alvero but since Neon Antonio was according to ate Pauline a difficult proctoree(I do know that’s not an actual word), I was transferred to him. He almost won. He was after-all 1st at the end of the easy round and 2nd at the end of the average. He was 5th at the end of the difficult round. He almost got the very difficult question correctly with bonus points because he raised his flag but he had one extra digit in the answer that required only 7. Neon will forever remind me of the 7-digit number 9765431 and the 8-digit number 97654321. After raising his flag, he wanted to check if there were only really 7 digits in his answer. It turned out there were 8. Sad but he performed really well even if he wasn’t feeling very well and according to him wasn’t good at solving math problems. But as he said, what was important was that he had fun. He also made proctoring a moody yet very appreciative proctoree enjoyable for ate Pauline and I. lol. *applause*

·Friday is math interscholastics competition day. Janel, Fatima, Kristine and I were in charge of registration. The schools that arrived were (in alphabetical order) Ateneo, Chang Kai Shek, Grace Christian, La Salle Zobel, Mandaluyong Science, Parañaque Science, Paref Woodrose, Rizal High School, San Francisco, St. Stephen’s, Tarlac High School, Uno, UP Rural (Laguna), and one more I apparently forgot. Fatima and I proctored one of the rooms where the guests were taking the eliminations stage, the written exam because some 4th years didn’t arrive. Then we checked the papers and found out who qualified for the finals.

·During the finals, I proctored in the individual round. I was assigned to Mico Cariño of the Ateneo, who is apparently the brother of my sister’s classmate in the Math DD of St. Paul. He started of pretty rough. There were 2 consecutive questions wherein he was the only one who was not able to get the answer correctly. He ended 9th after the easy round, 7th after the average round. And then the difficult stage came. Before that round, he was not fond of using his flag. Even if he got the answer quickly, he opted to check it once again. In the difficult round which had 5 questions, there were only 3 questions where the questions were correctly answered. He got the maximum score 9 points for 2 of the 3 because he used his flag. *applause* He ended 2nd after that round and since only one person answered the very difficult question correctly, he was able to end the competition in 2nd place. *applause once again* In contrast to the others I’ve proctored this year, Cariño was serious with what he was doing. In contrast to what a friend saw in his blog, I never reminded him he was in last place but as he mentioned correctly, I constantly reminded him of the scores. lol. I only told him his ranking when he was second already and congratulated him for that. haha

·Sadly, I wasn’t able to watch the team competition, the 1st time in my entire stay in Pisay because we met with Ma’am Edulan and ate Tin regarding the youth camp. In previous years, I attended all the Math club events. This year I wasn’t able to help out with the treasure hunt and the team finals. Sorry ate Athena. But this was the year where I most enjoyed every event I helped out with. I did in previous years but this year was extra fun. I’m sure you know that because I’ve used the word “fun” more times than I would usually do.

Yun lang. Haha. Kung umabot ka dito, salamat at nagtiyaga kang magbasa. Kung hindi, well hindi mo na to mababasa so wala akong message for you. Gosh. Ang bangag ko na. Yun lang. Bye.

YMSAT week (part 1)

//I know this entry is late but I just can’t stop myself from writing an entry about it.

The YMSAT week is the event I look forward to every year. Here are the reasons why this year’s version of it was so fun…

·Our group, the Be Dye-namics group won 2nd out of 20 groups in the Chemistry Entrepreneurial Contest. Congratulations to our group (Rob, Nico, Lara, Krishna, Jan Michael, James, Paul, Wewel, Jao, John Mark and I)! Our artistic ability in tying rubber bands and mixing colors and of course never to forget our exceptional advertising (or pangungulit, which those who bought probably find more appropriate) abilities paid off. To Rob, Nico and Lara… Thanks for leading the group so well. Really sorry I was almost totally if not completely useless for 2 ½ days. To Jan Michael, Wewel and Jao… I never knew you guys were so artistic. To James… Thanks for being so willing to run to wherever we needed you to run to. To Nico and Paul… Our routine was so cute, “entrepreneurial”, “scientific” and formal all at the same time.

·Beryllium won the Math Treasure Hunt. With our convincing bargaining skills, knowledge of the mistakes in the set-up and John Mark and Ivan, we enjoyed it. I commend Ate Athena and Sir Chuck. They prepared a less tiring (it was still tiring. The other treasure hunts were just exceptionally and remarkably exhausting.) but more interesting set-up. They were also able to allow some of the less mathematically gifted of us to do some things.

·The Chem Quiz Bee had the honor of being graced by our class’ most promising love team, Givan (Gihan and Ivan). The Math Interscho saw the pride of our class, John Mark and Ivan.

·The president of India arrived at our school. It was pretty amazing to see the gym being cleaned, bomb squads inside Pisay, the red carpet rolled out, a lot of Indians who made everyone look at the entrance whenever they arrived thinking the president was with them.

·The Physics symposium was interesting. Mr. Palima’s talk had so much in it. Everyone in the room especially liked the way he related love to Physics concepts. The Chem symposium was amazing because she didn’t explain chemistry. Maoi Arroyo had so much to share but she never left a dull moment in her 2-hour talk. I would love to get a copy of the ppt she used during her talk. She’s an example of one Pisay graduate I would love to be like in the future. Though I doubt that I would go into business or anything biotech related, her success and (I guess it would be safe to say) dominance in her chosen field at a relatively young age is inspiring. I would like to earn my 1st million before I reach 30 too.

Monday, February 06, 2006

manood kayo

The University of the Philippines
College of Music Extension Program
featuring UP College of Music Artists
Tanghalang Nicanor Abelardo(CCP Main Theater)
Saturday, Feb. 11, 2006 8:00 pm
Major concert na naman ni jo-anne kaya manood kayo. yun lang kasi nasa comp sci lab ako. bye. :p