Wednesday, January 25, 2006

spcp fair =)

Shout out. It’s Himigsikan.
Jump up. We’re celebrating.
Sing on. We’re up and rising.

I went to St. Paul’s fair last Saturday. Sadly, I missed the SCA Camp because of it. The activities were similar to the other fairs since I was grade 6 so nothing too exciting about it except for the Cheering exhibition, which was last done when I was grade 5. For people like us who aren’t studying there anymore, we attend the fair with the sole purpose of seeing old friends, teachers and the school as well. It was really fun to just go around and say hi to almost everyone. Though I couldn’t relate to most of the things they were talking about, I still enjoyed spending time with them. To the following batchmates who were so hospitable as to allowing me to join you and kind as to make me feel like I am missed, thank you very much and I miss you, guys (in no particular order. haha): Marga, Clara, Cha, Val, Crystal, Tricia, Garsha, Madel, Aylene, Rachel, Rojani, Tracy, Luge, Jessie, Kathleen, Sacla, Elo, etc. =). To the people who I still regularly see and made the stay more enjoyable: Doms & Ysh. To the others who’ve left but will always be paulinians at heart: Jung & Anton. Ang ganda din ng fair kasi pwede nang mag-yfc meeting sa dami ng mga nandoon: of course the paulinians, ate abi, doms, ysh, monica, mill, camille, pau, nikki, liz, joanna, lindsay, millie, sab, pam, lexi, nzie, lauren, Danielle, ate kia(kahit graduate na) and the many others who I just can’t remember at this time and the visitors david, peter, roel, mike, carlo, quiel, don, cha, john, chris, raph, pj, at kung sino pa di ko nakita.

Comments bout the school: Though I agree that technology and keeping up with the times are important, I don’t agree with what they did the rotonda. The tree is still there but it will not be the same old tambayan for Paulinians that it has been for decades now. Meron pa rin naming IMC e. Hindi pa naman ata nakukulangan dun e. Ano nga naman say ko? Wala na naman ako dun. But it would have been better if it wasn’t turned into some sort of internet cafĂ©.

I miss St. Paul. It will forever be a part of me because it was one of the institutions that made me who I am today. Though I may not be studying in SPCP anymore, I will always remain one of its active prayer warriors. God bless sa inyo lahat especially sa juniors. :p.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

to those who are not from pisay: punta kayo. =)

Ang Samahan ng mga Manunugtog ng Pisay,
together with the
Batch 2006 Council,

brings you

RockIt Science
The PSHS Fair Concert 2006


Brownman Revival
Giniling Festival
Sponge Cola
Blazing Bulalakaws

on January 14, 2006, 5pm
at the PSHS Multi-Purpose Gymnasium,
Philippine Science High School, Agham Road, QC.

Tickets priced at P150 each
(also available at the gate on the day of the concert).