Monday, May 30, 2005

SUMMIT + other things

Last Saturday, I attended YFC Metro Manila's Summer Mission Training(SUMMIT) held at (the great)St. Paul College, Pasig. It was lots of fun. I was there as part of Pisay-HS base so I joined West B but I also saw our heads in Central A there.:) Si Ate Aida lang yung kasama kong Pisay dun. La kasi yung iba e. mwahaha. Well, o cge nandun din sina Kuya James & Ate Claire. Pero mga graduate na yung 3 e. hihi. We talked about our plans for this year. We discussed how to make our schools grow and at the same time try to go out to other high schools. Excited na ko magstart yung school year. I hope it will be a fruitful one for Pisay YFC. :)

The only thing I was sad about was I didn't get to attend our chapter meeting because of the SUMMIT. :'(

Harbour centre...
well, i wasn't able to watch any of their games against granny goose. they lost in both games resulting to their elimination in the pbl unity cup 2005. they just wasted their efforts during the entire elimination round. but i'm not going to dwell on the past. as if, may magagawa pa ko. hihintayin ko na lang next uaap season. ANIMO LA SALLE!!!

I watched yung parang All-Star game ng PBA yesterday. Nakakatuwa kasi mga retired na sila pero ang gagaling pa rin nila mag-basketball. Tapos parang daling-dali pa rin sila magshoot. Ang saya. La lng.

Friday, May 27, 2005

rockwell & enrollment

Last wednesday, my friends & i went to rockwell. La lng. Sort of birthday something ko. Ang advanced ba?! We ate lunch, window shopped, bumili ng konting stuff, nag-arcade & nag-coffee. We were suppose to watch a movie pero wala naman kaming gusto na movie. Ang saya. I would love to post pictures pero ang bangag ng mga itsura namin kaya huwag na lang.

Then yesterday, I went to school to enroll. Super kinakabahan ako kasi late na kami dumating sa school. As in mga 2:15 na. Pero sobrang bilis pala mag-enroll pag late. It practically just took me around 30-45 minutes. Last year, I arrived at around 9:30 in the morning. Natapos ako mga 2 pm na. Ewan ko kung mas organized lng ung pisay this year. Be section ko. Konti pa lang kilala ko na Be(Nagsimula na naman ang section posting sa Pisay07). So far, wala namang di ko gusto maging classm8. Pero i'm really going to miss jasmin. Waaaah! Sobrang kinalat ata kami(nakakatakot daw kaming magkakasama. lol). Tapos ang bigat nung books! Last yr dn naman pero parang mas marami atang hard bound this yr. Yun lang. See you guys on june 2.

Friday, May 20, 2005

the day i watched a pbl game live

Yesterday, my sister, brother & i went to LSGH to watch the pbl games. We almost didn't go but we ended up doing so. Buti na lang. We arrived there at the start of the 2nd game: Harbour Centre vs. Montana Pawnshop. Humabol yung harbour at the 3rd pero nung 4th, montana started piling up points again. too bad. trend pa naman ng qtr scoring from 1st-3rd, pataas ung harbour. pababa ung jewels. pero hindi na ganun nung 4th qtr. so yun. harbour lost. go nenaco. so w/ around a minute left in the game, bumaba kami ng bleachers. pumunta kami malapit sa bench nung harbour since my sister & brother wanted lots of pics. but they lost & we were in the wrong area kasi sa kabilang side yung locker rooms. But since our dad wasn't there yet, we stayed inside the gym. My sister didn't want to leave w/out pictures. Kaya nakipicture kami kay beau canlas who was really nice. So when the players started coming out from the locker rooms, we asked if we could take pictures w/ them. Mwahaha. Parang baliw noh? Pero masaya naman kaya k lng. So here are the pictures:

Image hosted by
watching the game...

Image hosted by
the agony of defeat

he was so nice. he even talked to us after taking pictures. nag-advertise din siya ng studio 23. he was really sooo nice that hindi na ko nahiyang magpapicture dun sa players.

w/ christian luanzon who was very cheerful(i'm not sure why he came out of the locker rm because he didn't play anyway) & espiritu saying bye to him

w/ gaco who was still able to joke around even if they lost(he's also really kind. archer e. mwahaha.)

w/ alex compton who was as nice as always

w/ gabby espinas who was excited to leave but still took pictures w/ us.

w/ bugia who was nicer than la(taliwas sa dati kong akala) & who made me feel really short

w/ magnum membrere na sobrang bait din. mabait din pala eagles. lol. hindi ako sobrang nangliit w/ him compared to the other players.

Image hosted by
w/ gatumbato who was chatting with the people there. he was really very nice. siya yung 2nd to the last na matapos maligo. or lumabas lng siguro. last si la.

So yun. Too bad cardona left through another exit(acc. to magnum & gatumbato). We almost had pics w/ coach tonichi yturri(he was so tall!!! sobra!!!) & la pero nagloko yung camera w/ them more than w/ anyone else. actually hindi naman masyado kay la e, nagmamadali lang siya kasi nandun na dad & mom nya. & yup. the camera was taking quite some time to take the pics so yung mga kasama ko sa pics mababait & patient.

i really enjoyed it even if harbour lost :'( it took me lots of guts to ask to have pics with them kasi shy nga ako but my sister who is super confident was there so it was much easier.

and yah. magdadagdad pa ko ng mga kwento sa mga napansin ko dun sa game. sana sipagin ako. hihi.

hosting kids

Earlier this week, a few of the ssj & some meralco cfc members hosted kids who attended the IKV(International Kids Village). These kids were frome Cagayan de Oro.

For the 1st 2 nights, we had only 2 girls with us, Anggie & Yena. They were pretty quiet but I just kept on talking with them. Mwahaha. My talkative nature is coming out.(Actually, it doesn't need to come out) Anyway, they were very nice & behaved which made it easier to host them. Wed, we went to rockwell to go around. They were loosening up a little since I guess they were excited to go home that evening.

That aftenoon, I decided to go with my dad, my tito & tito cesar(who were in 3 different cars. yup. there were 18 of them. 16 kids, 2 yfc, 2 coordinators) to the pier.

These were the kids in the car w/ us:
Image hosted by

When we arrived in Super Ferry's area, there was a ship. they were suppose to go down when somebody said that the ship for CDO left at 3 pm. We arrived there at 6 pm because the group thought that their ship was leaving at 8pm(Longer story if i include why so wag na lng). While the cars were parked, i was able to talk to jobert(the yfc dude who joined them), kookie(the yfc girl) and the KFC girls. Maingay pala yung 2 naming hinost. Lol. & kinausap ako ni princess who was so cute. She was talking to me in Bisaya. Then, her ates told her to speak in Tagalog. hihi. The girls weren't complaining at all. The 2 YFC people only worried because they will have a youth camp this weekend & both of them will serve. The guy is the camp servant. Since it will take them 2 days & 2 nights to reach Cagayan de Oro, if they had left last wed, they would arrive home on friday at around 12nn. But since they will be riding the next ship(thurs, 10 pm), they would be late because they'd be arriving saturday afternoon.

That night, we had 4 kids staying with us.

To cut the long story short, I just wanted to say that those kids were pretty inspiring. They didn't complain. They just said that God will make a way. I remember that somehow we complained during the ILC for the bus delay. Our wait was nothing compared to theirs. Pero yun. Wala alng nakakatuwa sila. Just wanted to share. Hosting them was pretty fulfilling as it is a way of serving God & learning as well.

Saturday, May 14, 2005


Last night, I attended the Gabi ng Kantahan para sa Gawad Kalinga. It was fun. I mean I always enjoy concerts dedicated to the Lord. Astig din yung praisefest. Umextra pa kami. Hihi. Nagsasayaw kami dun sa harap, sa baba ng stage. I’m not sure why the audience didn’t stand up except sa mga 2-3 songs but who cares. Hihi. I enjoyed it. Galing ng mga YFC dancers. Hihi. Yun lng. Just enjoyed. I love worship sooooo much. Looking forward to the next YFC meeting.

Harbour Centre

Harbour just defeated Nenaco – San Beda. They were actually expected to do so. Cardona didn’t play a lot. I mean he wasn’t needed because the game was under control most of the time. They probably need him more for their game against Montana. But that didn’t mean he didn’t perform well but he was under his averages. Pero ok lng. Gaco was player of the game!!! Cardona was so happy for him. He even stood up from his seat to leave Gaco in the spotlight. Lol. Then, he continued congratulating him again. Mendoza also acknowledged him. And Bugia hit him twice at the back with his water bottle. I guess that’s his way of congratulating Gaco. Or his way of hurting him dahil gusto niya siya ang maging player of the game. Hehe. Basketball players definitely have weird ways of doing things.

You might think that I should worry about the NBA playoffs more. But I like amateur basketball better. Lol. It's much more fun than watching super skilled & super galing players(but I watch the pros occassionally). Parang amateur basketball players need more effort. La lng. That's just me. Hihi.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

A whole bunch of stuf...

i went to school yesterday for the bbsc orientation. it was fun. puro kami 07. there were only 2 06's pero sabi ni sir ed mga 18 daw ang 06. looks like the incoming seniors are very busy with their UPCAT review. tapos yun. wala lang. it was just nice to see my batchmates again. boring na kasi ng summer e so im really looking forward to next school year. and im also excited for the fop. wala lang. kahit anong activity actually excited na ko e.

i miss my parents. they went to singapore & indonesia. they'll be back on saturday. 2 tulog na lng. lol.

regarding ai, anthony's out. i think tama naman yung top 3. but anthony's really nice & i think he's great too but i think vonzell, carrie & bo are better.

pbl... harbour centre takes solo 2nd. yipee!!! mac cardona had 2 cuts but he's alright. he always is. he's such a star that tj & boom were talking about his head band. i think bugia mentioned it to him too but who knows. i was just reading lips. he's so great a player that nothing can stop him. despite the many times i've seen eagles & archers working together, i still am amazed by what i see. well, weird ako e. ang galing kaya. naaamaze ako pag nakikita kong nag-aappear, naghuhug(short while lang kasi baka iba isipin ng ibang tao), nagbubump(whatever you call it) & nagkwekwentuhan & nagkukulitan sila. go harbour! hope they make it to the finals! malay mo sila pa mag-champion :)

ya... i guess that's it. i'm so bored that everything i'm writing is utterly senseless & uninteresting but ganun e...

Monday, May 09, 2005

Hail to the people with the most difficult job in the world!

They always have time for the family no matter how busy they are. They’re the perfect listeners and they have a way of knowing how we feel. They are considerate and always want to give us the best things in life. They make us feel loved. They also cooks great food. She’s mom!

So to all the moms in the world, you guys are the greatest and thank you for being there.

To my mom, I love you sooooo much! I can’t imagine not having you by my side. You are always there to inspire me. Despite your super exhausting job, you always have time for us. You’re one of the most generous people I know. You always give & you love with all your heart! Thanks for listening to me(that’s really very hard as I like talking a lot) and for everything else! May God bless you with all your heart’s desires! Mwah!

And since I think the people who would be reading this(that would be you) aren’t moms yet, just thank your mom and it doesn’t have to be mother’s day for you to remember how great she is & everything she’s done for you :) That’s why this entry is 1 day late. lol.