Friday, November 10, 2006

award-winning journalist sister ko!!!

My sister, Meryl, won 2nd place over-all in English in the San Juan-Pasig Division Secondary Schools Press Conference (DSSPC)!!! :)

Praise God!!!

She won 4th place in Sports Writing and 4th place in Feature Writing.

I'm the super proud sister. Galing ni God! :D

Yun lng. :p

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Praise God!!!

Thank you lord for these victories...

Kanina lang... YMCA Search for Outstanding Campus Journalists
Jeric - 1st place Sports Writing
Ivy - 6th place Pagsulat ng Balita
Clar - 8th place Editorial Writing

Oct 4-6... QC Division Secondary Schools Press Conference
Rob - 10th place Editorial Writing and 2nd place DevComm Essay
Ryan - 5th place Feature Writing
Jeric - 3rd place Sports Writing and 1st place Sports Essay
Clar - 5th place Editorial Writing and 2nd place Sports Essay

Thank you once again God! To you be all the honor and glory.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Freaky Fairday

The best fair ever...

When we started planning even before the opening of the school year, the goal was already to make it the best Pisay fair ever. At the end during the fireworks display and when we were wetting people, we realized we pulled it off. It was great.

There was no better sight for us than people enjoying themselves, serious about getting redemption tickets, watching the events and trying out the wall climbing, inflatables and the velcro wall. Oh, and of course going around in a circle led by the brotherhood. It was really just something that gave the Pisay community the chance to bond.

And it didn't even rain during the fair (nung BotB lang)!!! To think that rain was pretty hard the days before and after. God really held the rain for us. Thank you Lord! Oh and Sta. Clara too for interceding for us.

Congratulations to all of us!!!

07, we pulled it off!!! Thank you so much for being so united and cooperative. We just never fail to show Pisay that we're one tremendous batch. Let's continue to make our last school year together meaningful and memorable.

Brotherhood/jailers, ang galing!!! You were very organized. At the end of the day, you managed to show everyone that the catching was just part of the business and the fun. It was so admirable how you were able to unite the people through the line, circle, whatever that was.

Fair com, thank you so much for the love and dedication you put into this event. despite the large amount of school work, you were still willing to help. we really appreciate that.

Kat, Nico and Kuya Caleb, I enjoyed my first attempt at marketing with you. Kat & Nico, thank you so much for being so hardworking and patient with the sponsors and me as well. Kuya Caleb, thank you for being our consultant. We really appreciate the time you gave us, the help and the concern.

Ma'am Gene, Sir Vlad, Mich, Rob, Redg, Nico, Maisie - Thank you! This was one great learning experience for me and I'm glad I did this with all of you. Thank you for the inspiration, the contagious dedication and the support. Congratulations to us.

God!!! thank you. we couldn't have done this without you. :D