Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas!

In my favorite homily during this year's Simbang gabi season, the homilist said...
Christmas is a reminder of how God will never give us all of the answers to our life questions but how He decided to join us in and through the uncertainties.
Merry Christmas everyone! :D Enjoy the celebration of Jesus' birth with the testimonies of His love for you, your loved ones. ♥


We've been cleaning up the past few days. And as usual, I had to scan through my collection of handouts and papers since 1st year high school.
Side note: I'm really proud of myself for deciding to throw a lot of them. I had to let go.

There was one particular paper with comments from a teacher who I respect a lot that made me realize I might be wasting one of my skills that I enjoy most.

Oh well.

Friday, December 12, 2008


I haven't been blogging at all recently (and I've noticed many people haven't been either). I guess it's because I've been preoccupied since I don't know when. And well, I have a physical and live journal and friends to talk to. haha.

A conversation made me think if there was ever a part of my schooling life when I just relaxed, didn't worry as much and didn't occupy myself w/ things other than my academics. Nothing came to mind. I must admit the idea is tempting but sounds and feels extremely absurd to me.