Monday, April 25, 2005

Youth Camp

I’m still high after the youth camp. I mean who wouldn’t be. It was fun to have the opportunity to evangelize 24 new soldiers for Christ. But as ate Amanda said in her blog, tiring is an understatement. I mean I couldn’t even imagine how tired she was as Team head. I know that all youth camps are tiring because we give our all but when the world’s antagonist intereferes(more than its usual everyday annoying terrible role) , it really becomes so draining because we have to give more. But despite how exhausted the entire service team was after the camp, it was really fulfilling. We were doing God’s work and because of that, the camp was still successful. No matter what happens, God is always stronger and he never abandons his servants.

We (the service team and our heads) also had each other. I think everyone did their part to help each other deal with everything. Everyone’s determination & heart for service were amazing and inspiring. Kuya Francis, ate Amanda, kuya Lawrence & Mela hats off to you! And thanks to those 4 + Doms, ate Kia & ate Dea for helping me out Saturday night. Pam, ur a really fun person to work with. Pia, Donna, Danielle, Mara, Liz, Ate Nia & Camille, wala lng. Kayo ang pinaka “nakakatuwa” na discussion grp na nasalihan ko. Minsan super hyper. Minsan sobrang speechless. Hihi. Ysh, Abby & Danielle(my dearest roommates), saya nyong kasama.

It also felt real great to know that the participants enjoyed. And of course it was also time spent with the cluster which is always nice.

Welcome to the 24 new YFC members! We look forward to working with you in our service to God and neighbor.

P.S. To those who weren’t able to come, sayang! You guys missed the fun. Your loss. Hihi. But not to worry, promise di ko kayo titigilan hanggang magpunta kayo! Until we’re all really old. Hihi.

more test results

Sorry! I’m really addicted to quizzes! So I’m gonna be sharing lots of quiz results in this blog. Hihi.

What Kind of Cool Are You?

Clarisse, you're Calm, Cool, and Collected

Do your friends like to lean on your shoulder? Ask you for advice in life and love? Put you on speed-dial for emergencies? We bet they do. You're as balanced as they come. When it comes to making decisions, you're not afraid to take the time to weigh your options carefully in order to make the right choice. And it takes more than a few obstacles to rattle your cool head.

The good news is that you've also got lots of heart, and you make sure that people know that you always have their backs. There's almost nothing more important to you than the people in your life, so being a support to them is the coolest thing around. Just like you.

Are You a Natural Leader?

Congratulations, you're a real leader! Your leadership skills are quite strong, so don't be afraid to step up to the plate when problems need solving — you'll do great. You've got a solid combination of positive leadership traits — from organizational skills to communication ability. These talents make you a great resource in the workplace, someone people can look to for guidance and direction. Still, there are a few things you might need to work on. To brush up on the different components of leadership, check out your scores below:

Let's get it together! Your organizational skills need a little work. Keeping things in the right place means you can move more quickly, making you more efficient and productive at work. So no matter what kind of career you're pursuing, the ability to keep yourself (and your work space) organized lets you spend your time on what's really important — working.

Do it once, and make it count! Since you're the poster child for workplace efficiency and follow-through, that could be your motto. You have a keen understanding of how work works, and you know how to make things happen — which translates into excellent leadership potential. While others are still spinning their wheels, you've sped off, leaving skid marks behind you.

Go, team, go! Your sense of teamwork is so strong you're practically out on the field doing cheers. Which is great — the ability to communicate and work closely with others is essential to good leadership. Team-building skills are the foundation of all interactions with your co-workers and can set the tone at work. So give yourself a pat on the back — your talent in this area gives you a real leadership edge.

You could use a confidence boost! To move forward at work, it's essential that you be able to take on new roles and responsibilities. When you feel sure of yourself, you can concentrate on the task at hand instead of just worrying about potential failures. Keep all your strengths in mind, and use them to your advantage.

Hihi. Cheering. I love doing that. With regards to confidence, I really think I need more. Oh yah! Though I try to be organized all the time, I’m not very good at it.

Are You an Optimist or a Pessimist?

Congratulations! You're the eternal optimist, a regular "Sunshine Day" of a person. When it rains, you think about how good the water is for the flowers and trees rather than how wet you're getting. More likely to trust someone than not, you always see the good in people. Sure, that opens you up for a few let-downs, but that's okay — your great attitude will help you deal with them if and when they come. In the long run, it doesn't really matter at all; everything's going to be all right! You like meeting new people and thoroughly enjoy their companionship. In a nutshell, you just don't dwell on small failures — you learn from your mistakes and do your best to make everyone around you happy to be alive. Keep it up!
I’m not very sure about this. Though I really tend to look at the bright side most of the time, I’m also a worrier. And I like dwelling on the past coz I like thinking about what I did so much. But maybe, I’m still more optimistic than a pessimist.

Inkblot test

Clarisse, your subconscious mind is driven most by Love

Your instinct to love and be loved is rooted very deeply in your subconscious and affects most of the decisions you make in life — whether you are aware of it or not.

You inspire people to experience their true feelings of love and act kindly towards others. You also value your personal relationships more than most people.

Your unique capacity to love may be greater than those around you, which means you may have more to give in relationships than your friends or romantic partners do.

Your psyche is very rich; the more you learn about it, the more you will understand who you really are.

What's Your Superpower?

Stop the clock! Your inner superpower is TIMETRAVEL! Your answers show a keen sense of insight for all the mysteries of time. Whether you enjoy reminiscing about thepast or find yourself lost in thoughts of the future, your energies definitely point away from the present. Maybe you're mere seconds ahead or behind the rest of us, but you could also be days or even years out of sync. Your unique position in time and space gives you a wider perspective on daily events and makes you an especially wise person. You're probably a great planner. And since time is yours to play with, it's almost a given that you manage it well. If you haven't yet taken a trip through the fourth dimension, you're in for the ride of your life. Don't delay! Visit the future. Fix the past. And when you come across a very special moment, make it last as long as you like.

Which Prom Dress is Right for You?

Clarisse, you need a dress that makes you an Earth Angel

A romantic at heart, your prom dress should make you feel like you're in another dimension, preferably a heavenly one. Your look is radiant and lovely, whether you create it with ruffles, lace, jewels, or layers upon layers of chiffon. Above all, you just want to feel beautiful and completely transformed for the special night.

Even though you get your inspiration from above, you know that your angelic appearance has to be comfortable here on earth, so you're happy to strike a balance between fashion and ease. Heaven sent? You'll be sure to find something that is.

hihi. I want a pretty prom dress. Haha.

What's Your Fantasy Island?

Clarisse, your fantasy island is St. Lucia

Indulgence — that's your focus when considering the perfect island getaway. That's why a luxurious Caribbean gem like St. Lucia is right for you. After all, it's a vacation — what better time to indulge every whim? Can't you just hear the steel drums as you delight in spa treatments or have cocktails served on the beach? Or maybe you'd rather shop the day away and splurge on a fancy seafood dinner? Whatever your extravagances, you find that pampering yourself is the best way to let go of stress and revitalize for the road ahead.

With your style and elegance, you expect the very best from yourself and others — and St. Lucia is just the relaxing, pampering place to give you what you want. Live it up!

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

test results

I’ve been taking internet test & quizzes recently. Ang saya kasi e. Here are some of the results I got:

From Tickle:

Clarisse, based on your responses, your top career area is Math and Science

Careers in this field often demand that you enjoy thinking analytically, have strong reasoning skills and the ability to approach a problem from a variety of angles. You're not content to just question — you're motivated to test your ideas to see if they are right. Even if it's not a common perception, people who enjoy the Math and Sciences are highly imaginative and intuitive.

I was shocked by this! Pero kahit hindi ko top career area ang Math and Science, yan din naman ang kahihinatnan(tama ba?!) ko. Hihi! Sabi ng contract eh! (Masunurin akong bata & may utang na loob ako sa tax payers of the Philippines. hihi. Ang drama.).

Clarisse, the right jobs for you would allow you to be
Strategic and Creative

As a Strategic type, you want to be able to express yourself and your ideas through work. Sure there's a time and place for rules and procedures, but when a good thought strikes you, you don't want it to be boxed into one way of thinking. You're willing to go outside the rules if there's a chance that the risk will reap big rewards.

You are stronger than most when it comes to generating ideas. And because of this, it might sometimes feel easier to take on all aspects of a job yourself instead of wasting time explaining it to someone else who might not "get it" like you do. But because you have so many ideas and are willing to take on so much, you might find that you sometimes have trouble finishing every project you start.

Your diplomacy and adaptability make you a valuable asset. But your need to feel invested in a company that allows you to express your original ways of thinking will ultimately impact how happy you are in the workplace.

hmmm… medyo mas nakakagulat to. Because I don’t think I’m creative. I guess I have lots of ideas but most of the time, I don’t know how to do them. Plus, I follow almost all rules to the dot. Sobrang pag may sinabi sa kin na dapat gawin, ganun talaga gagawin ko. But it is true that I like doing things on my own. I’d rather have difficulty doing something than have difficulty explaining it to somebody. Kasi pag nag-explain ka, di mo pa nga sure kung magegets talaga nung tao kung ano yung gusto mo mangyari. Yung, I might not finish everything I start, I think it’s more on not finishing what I start on time. Cramming. Hihi.

I’ll post more next time kasi na-aaddict na tlaga ko sa quizzes. Share ur comments na rin.

random thoughts 2

*Excited na talaga ako sa camp! I am really looking forward to it! I went to Ate Amanda’s house last Friday coz di ako makakapunta dun sa kahapon. It was fun. Ang cute ng mga naplan naming decorations. Isa pa, I’m excited to serve. Hindi ko siya first time mag-seserve sa youth camp pero 1st tym ko mag-serve sa A3. Yipee!!!

Sana maraming makapunta. Yup. Nagpaparinig ako. Magpunta kayo. Kung gusto niyo, mag-appear na lang kayo dun bigla sa Friday. Ok lng din yun. Pero siyempre masmaganda sana kung sabihin niyo kung pupunta kayo diba. Para meron kaming idea kung ilan more or less ang dadating.

*Ang galing ni Cardona!!! Sobra!!! Player of the week. Ang taas ng averages niya. Siya talaga ang nagpapanalo sa Harbour Centre! O sige na! Isama na natin si Tenorio & Gaco. Membrere(dun lng sa last game)

*I’m sick. I have colds and my body really hurts because of the game I played with my cousins in the pool last Sunday. Sobrang napagod ako dun. Ang sakit ng buong katawan ko lalo na arms ko.

*American Idol. Nauubusan na ng babae! 2 na lng sila. Ang tibay naman kasi ng Scott Savol na yan e. Di matanggal-tanggal kahit di naman sobrang galing. The only thing I like about him is the fact that he seems prayerful.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Youth Camp

CFC Youth For Christ Central A3-Greenhills is having a Youth Camp!!!

When? April 22 5pm – April 24 12nn
Where? Alpadi, Antipolo
Reg. Fee: P1,200.00

The camp is the entry point to YFC. It's a great way to become closer to God. Hindi siya boring & u also get to meet lots of interesting people. Open to people ages 12-22.

The youth camp, despite the name, isn’t an outdoor camping activity. It is indoor. The registration fee will cover for food & lodging. It’s really fun so I hope you guys could come. We hope the Greenhills area is accessible to you. It would be even better if you live near the ff. churches: Santuario de San Jose(Greenhills East), Mary The Queen(near ICA, Xavier, Little Baguio & Greenhills West in San Juan) & Christ The King(near Green Meadows & White Plains). But if you don’t, no problem because everyone is welcome.

IM or text me for details or if you’re going to attend. And if you don’t know me personally or you know neither my yahoo id nor my cell #, just post a comment or leave a message in my tagboard.

ILC pictures

Here are some of our pictures from the ILC where we had lots of fun. Pictures courtesy of: Amanda Gumila. Tnx ate amanda!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

friday night w/ ssj people.
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girls again + charles, k.paolo, k.david again & k.jason
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w/ the a3 girls + k. david & k. mike. saturday. all in white for the 100% pure party & launch.
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while waiting for the bus...
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central A3 - greenhills
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waiting for our ids.
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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

happenings during the ILC

Here are my insights about the ILC:

* we had to wait for registration to be done under the sun for 2 ½ hrs. Then after reg was arranged, we had to walk all the way to the meeting area. Btw, the group decided this fate shall be handed down to only the girls.
*ate mcdonalds too much. Mcdonalds for 3 days & 2 nights. U can’t blame me if I wouldn’t want to eat burger steak & chicken for quite a while.
*it was scorching hot most of the ilc. Super sunog na ko. My skin is so black and touching my face hurts a lot
*when I sat down, my butt hurt. When I stood up, my legs hurt.
*the gym where the community based conference was held was too small for us. All the metro manila people on the floor. It was really hot in there.
* limited hrs of sleep. We barely slept but I think our grp got pretty much more sleep compared to the others since we weren’t very choosy. We slept whenever we got the chance. Of course, at night in the house. At the sidewalk during breaks and even at the field at times.
* the activities drained us. We had limited sleep and a lot of things to do. What did you expect?
*basically, we ended up tired, sleepy and sticky everyday.
*we had to wait for the bus. My sister & I ended up joining tita susan & some of the meralco people since we had to get home before 7. our sector was supposed to leave at around 9 or 10 am. The bus arrived at 4 pm. So the grp resorted to sleeping on the sidewalk, playing cards, taking pics, singing, eating, etc…

But you know what, all those didn’t hinder us from enjoying the ILC. Because the good outweighed the bad:

*bonding. Since I really wasn’t active in A3 after my camp, it felt really nice to have time hanging out with the group.(pero cyempre namiss ko rin pisay YFC)
*where we slept. Tito gene and tita joy were really nice to let us stay with them. We were very comfortable in their villa. Super lamig & super sarap matulog. It was always a relief to get back to the villa after a long, tiring day. Plus, they served us real food. hihi.
*the talks & the sharings. Though most of the things I heard during the 5 talks(including the 1 during the community based conference. Btw, I would have loved to be in the planning of the pisay grp for next yr but community based is somehow still different & special.) I already know, they struck me really hard. We all need some reminding after all. I’m going to create another entry where I’m going to write the insights I received from the ILC.
*worship. The one thing I really love about YFC is worship. I love singing my heart out & praising God. The songs we sing are the most meaningful songs in the world. They would beat any chart topper in Billboard charts.
*quality time w/ God. The ILC gave all of us the chance to get in tune and check on our relationship with God. Despite how tired we all were, we did everything for God. Nothing could have felt better than that.

SOLO DIOS BASTA! – God alone is enough!

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

bulacan pics

so here are some of the floats i saw in bulacan last Good Friday as promised.

it wasn't one of the "bongga" floats but it was great. jesus's face on the cloth was amazing.
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this one is really pretty but i don't think it's realistic. after all, i don't think Jesus had a casket.
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one of my favorite floats. this one is really pretty. it stood out.
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one of the very well lighted floats (a.k.a. anti conserve energy movement) but it's still pretty & it was night time so cguro ok na rn yan kaysa dun sa ibang super dilim
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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

pre-ILC jitters

I’m attending the International Leader’s Conference in Subic. It will be from April 8-10. It’s an activity of CFC Youth For Christ. It’s going to be my 1st time to attend so I’m really excited about it. The other people who have attended the IlC already say it’s really fun. I’m going with A3 but I’ll be seeing the Pisay YFC people there. I’m so excited. Can’t wait to see them. I haven’t packed my bags yet. As usual, I’ll be cramming. Ironing day is on Thursday which means most of the stuff I’ll be bringing will only be ready for packing on that day. I don’t have an orange shirt yet. Will still have to buy one tomorrow. I’m excited but somehow also nervous. I don’t know why. I’m always like this anyway.

Goodbye to the Pope

It’s so saddening to learn about Pope John Paul II’s death. He was such a peaceful, religious and charismatic man. He seemed to draw crowds wherever he went. He gained respect not only from Roman Catholics but also from people of other faiths and beliefs. He exemplified the life of a true Catholic. He prayed a lot but didn’t stop there. He applied his faith. He wasn’t contented on staying in the Vatican and establishing the Church’s doctrines. He went around the world, talking to leaders and establishing good ties with different nations. He stood firm on his stands on different issues. He showed us what it meant to be Christ’s follower. He taught us to integrate the doctrines and what we learn from Christ’s life into every thought, word and action. He touched so many lives. He showed us how it is to be forgiving, respectful, humble, loving, prayerful & understanding.

I heard this from CNN: When someone asked the pope: Why don’t you step down? You’re so sick. He answered: Because Christ never stepped down from the cross.

He was definitely a pope who fought until his last breath for all of us. It will be pretty difficult to adjust into having a new pope as John Paul II has been in that position 11-12 years before I was even born. But I am pretty happy that he is now happy and resting in our Heavenly Father’s Kingdom & that we have a very powerful intercessor in heaven. I just hope and pray that the College of Cardinals will be guided by the Holy Spirit into selecting for us a pope who will be able to lead the Catholic Church well. I heard from 1 priest in The Correspondents, “It would be unfair to expect that the next pope can do what Pope John Paul II did,” I think that’s true but all we can do is trust that God will be the one selecting our new pope. Pope John Paul II was a surprise to the world so I wouldn’t complain if we get another surprise this time around. As I heard from CNN: They say that entering the conclave expecting to become pope is a sure way to exit the conclave a cardinal.