Friday, May 30, 2008

Upcoming threat.

I don't fall in love easily but this one took just a single minute to make me fall. Today, my love story is being threatened.

My love story with UAAP basketball is being threatened by my schedule for this sem. For 2 out of the 3 game days and times, I have class. :|

If you're my friend, you know I've loved the UAAP ever since I was in grade 5. If you're a stranger, my blog entries about it will tell you so.

I'm thinking of transferring one class because the other I absolutely love. But if I transfer to the one (and only) other class for this subject, I might get a terror prof and regret it. So I don't know how. But I'm going to try and make it work.

This is just too saddening.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Kids say the darndest things

Whenever, we're in our maternal grandparents' house, I usually play with my cousin Chiara who's 3 years old. She's very smart for her age but is sometimes bratty. But I can handle bratty. Haha.

We visited a week ago. She wasn't asking me to play with her anymore, so I went to their room. We were talking and then this took place:

Me: Can I play with you?
Cousin: No. This is only for young people.

I haven't even had my birthday that time. :|

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Reminder to self

I've been blogging quite frequently the past few days. I actually shouldn't because summer has been very hectic and I have to concentrate on all I have to do.

So I shall post a to do list here to remind me every time I go online for the next two days that I have to stop slacking and get to work.
+ Fil May Day Eve paper (Submitted, 05/22/08 03:15, beadle Pauline)
+ Psych Final paper (Submitted, 05/22/08 11:55, Psych Department)
+ part in Fil group paper (Emailed to Philip, 05/22/08 16:45)
+ Study for Econ finals
+ Study for Psych finals

+ ASLA deliverables (will not be finished until end of year. haha.)

Ok. That worked. Ciao.

AI has it right!

I think the two Davids are awesome.

David Cook is an original and sincere artist.
David Archuleta is an earnest person who has a clean & pure voice.

In contrast to almost everyone, I don't have a side this time. I think both of them deserve to win. One has all the characteristics of a great star and the other performed consistently and came to class prepared and dedicated to win today.

At least, American Idol's getting it right. :)

Downer is I sort of agree with Ben. The finale wasn't as grand and amazing as it used to be. It might not have been an intelligent for the producers to give the two freedom in choosing the "finale song."

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

PBB = heartbreak :((

I've been watching PBB Teen Edition Plus the last couple of weeks. (Obvious. I know. Lol.)

And last night the housemates broke my heart. How?

They nominated both Rona and Robi, my top two favorites in the contest. (Check out the faces. I cried. I react emotionally to EVERYTHING.)

And for what reasons?
Rona for being serious, OA and conservative.
Robi because he doesn't need the money and because Nan couldn't do anything anymore because Robi always did everything.

Now here's what I think.
What's wrong with being serious? It's not as if she doesn't try to have fun inside the house. It's just when a situation is presented to her, she doesn't just choose to laugh but actually takes a look at it and tries to figure out what must be done. And yes, some people put value to what you say, even if they meant nothing to you. And no, there's nothing wrong with being genuinely true to yourself.
And when will the less-fortunate realize that if they truly want to be equals with those who are better-off, they have to recognize that they are playing on the same level? Whenever they say, hindi niya na ito kailangan, they are saying: i deserve to be treated differently. Isn't that what discrimination is? And please. If you really want to work, you will be able to find a way to do so. There's always a lot to be done, not only in that house but in the world.

This is how they reward the two people who have acted as leaders inside the house, peacemakers in all the misunderstandings, rational and responsible housemates and friends.

This reaction might be too much and I admit it might be pretty judgmental too but over-all, I still believe there's a reason to be sad here. My dad says it's a competition and they want to win. But do all the viewers understand that? Do they understand that the reasons given are for the sake of winning and not reasonable arguments on people's beliefs and behaviors?

Well, I do hope so!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Practical economics.

On my way home last Friday, the tricycle driver suddenly stopped to invite his friend to ride the vehicle. Well, it wasn't very nice since he charged me P21 when I should be paying less because I'm alone but that's not what I wanted to blog about.

The two of them were talking and I couldn't really hear what his friend was saying but I could hear the driver pretty well.

He said, "Anong silbi ng pagtaas ng sweldo kung tataas rin naman ang presyo ng bilihin dahil dun? Huwag na lang itaas ang sweldo."

Yes. It was great. The tricycle driver knew his Econ. :D

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Filipino victory! :D

I'm pretty sure this news will be in many blogs and emails but I just really have to have it here too. hahaha.

Gian Dapul won the English Speaking Union’s International Public Speaking Competition.

Yes. This is the same competition that Patricia Evangelista won. Only, Gian is just an incoming senior student at Pisay.

It's amazing when you hear news about Filipinos we can be proud of and know not only their names and their feats. Watching the group of Ivy, Cindy and Mariel on TV for their project that won in Intel and now Gian gives credibility to what people always say, we can all make a difference in our own way and make our country proud.

Congrats Gian! :D Good job. The entire Philippines, especially the Pisay community is migty proud of you.

As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Pagpapakatotoo part 2

Because they couldn't get enough of being true to themselves, someone uses the word again in a context quite different from that of the first Pagpapakatotoo incident I blogged about.

This happened in 1 of the Uber episodes (Sorry na. Minsan lang. Haha.)

They had the latest evictee (at that time), Jolas and his dad as guests. Mariel asked Jolas if he thought one of the reasons of his eviction was the fact that the housemates said he didn't help out much in the household chores.

He said "Nagpapakatotoo lang ako kasi..." he didn't really wash dishes or do chores in his house. And he even added, "kung sabihan naman ako, maghuhugas ako ng pinggan e." As if that helped.

And I loved Mariel's answer. Of course, she said this in a nice way. She was in TV after all. "Bakit ako? Di rin naman ako naghuhugas ng plato sa bahay pero sa bahay ni kuya, todo dishwasher ako." or something really close to that.

It was beautiful. The only thing I would have wanted her to add to that was, "Like, Duh!"

Tuesday, May 06, 2008


It all started with Wendy of Pinoy Big Brother Season 2. She was acting improperly and inconsiderately inside the house. What did she call it? Pagpapakatotoo.

When people were asked who was the housemate they liked the most? When people would select Wendy, they would say. "Kasi totoo siya."

Those statements caused me to hyperventilate.

Now, in the teen edition, they are accusing Rona, who is super hardworking, who tries to be as impartial and just as she can, of not being true. The girls were angry at the new girl because of the things she accusingly said. Rona was still being nice and considerate. She didn't want to shun the new girl. Hindi daw siya nagpapakatotoo. According to my sister, Rona answered by saying hindi ibig sabihin ng pagpapakatotoo, mali ka.

And now I appreciate and support Rona even more. Haha..

How painful and sad that some people, if not the majority of Filipinos, believe that it's fine to treat other people wrong when you have negative feelings toward them kasi nagpapakatotoo ka lang naman. Have we become too lazy to fix our conflicts and just resign to acting like big babies when we're angry? I mean come on. They were asking Rona to not talk to the girl they were angry at. Correct me if I'm wrong but those remind me of how we were during the first few years of grade school.

Even without considering what religion says, I still believe we are intrinsically good. Being true to our selves means finding that good. And in conflict, it means settling the issues at hand. Admitting your feelings and acting on them sounds to me more pagpapakatotoo-like than hiding from them and being negative.

Monday, May 05, 2008

To get along with me, you need to...

-Be clear & honest in communicating with me; ambiguity or any withholding drives me crazy.
-Don't take it personally when I play devil's advocate. I am a great troubleshooter.
-Be patient and understanding when I overreact to problems because of my anxiety.

No. I didn't make those up. Those are written in an enneagram manual that we have.

We took the Enneagram test in Psych and I found out I'm a 6 (Mr./Ms. Responsible) For sixes, "Inner/outer fears rule Sixes lives. Thus, the need for trust, certainty, security."

I read through the two page description and I couldn't help agree with what was written. I know all these things about me but when it's put right in front of me, it seems more real to me. /*Plus, I realized that my closest friends are patient and understanding when I overreact so thank you sobra! =)*/ The book says it in such a direct manner, without making it sound positive or negative, just exactly how things are. And I guess being more aware is a step to help solving whatever internal struggles I have.

So just to share, here are the general statements that Sixes believe in consciously or unconsciously:
-"Trust is very important to me. It's vital in a relationship/organization and not to be treated lightly. People generally have to earn my trust."
-"I tend to worry, be concerned, even sometimes obsess on details so I always try to be prepared."
-"Even when I come on authoritatively or tough, I can feel very insecure inside."
-"I like to have clear-cut guidelines, rules and structure. And to know where I stand."
-"I'm a very hard worker. And I tend to take things too seriously."
-"It can be hard for me to make up my mind on big decisions."
-"When I care about someone or a group, I'll do anything for them. I'd give my shirt off my back if needed. And I am very loyal. I expect that in return."
-"I can be suspicious about others. "

Haha. :))