Saturday, September 02, 2006

family day '06

We won over-all champion in the games.

But what was truly great about this day was the camaraderie. I have never seen our batch cooperate, cheer and act the way we did today. We were very proud of our victories but remained gracious in defeat. There was just so much love for the batch and I’m pretty sure everyone in that gym felt it too. It was our last family day in Pisay and we showed everyone how a batch is suppose to act. We showed everyone what the family day was all about – family, bonding, fun and love.

But none of my words would ever be able to explain how great I felt about 07 today. I’ve never felt as proud of our batch as I did today. Kahit yung almost sweep of last year’s awards couldn’t compare to this. I feel so blessed that I'm in this batch. I guess it’s the fact that we’re parting ways soon. But we’re not done yet. Pisay, expect great things from us this year. GO ’07!!!

meeting a celebrity

Well! He wasn't exactly a celibroty.

But he holds an important position in the military.

We were able to talk to the .

We met Gen. Hermogenes Esperon, who is a Pisay alumnus. AFP CHIEF OF STAFF lang naman siya.

Starstruck kami. Grabe!!!

We were able to talk to him and of course, we wouldn't waste the chance for a photo op. :)

district press con

District press con

We won 3rd over-all with 109 points!!!

The winners (courtesy of ray2):

Ray2 Alcantara - 4th (English)
Ivy Ventura - 3rd (Filipino)

Copyreading and Headline Writing
Henson Turalde - 6th (English)
KJ Cenidoza - 10th (Filipino)
Marcgene...? - 9th (Filipino)

Editorial Writing
Clarisse Ligunas - 3rd (English)
Kristine Mortega - 2nd (Filipino)
Jerome David - 1st (Filipino) !!!

Max Gana - 2nd (English)
Marc Lancion - 3rd (Filipino)

Tami Reyes - 5th (English)
Ryan Magtibay - 3rd (English)
Jerome David - 7th (Filipino)
Honey Dela Cruz - 5th (Filipino)

Editorial Cartooning
Regina Estrada - 9th (English)
Dani de Leon - 7th (English)

Gino Gomez - 9th (English)
Joanna Cuayo - 6th (Filipino)

Best Anchor - Umm. Egg? Or Jiano? Or Egg AND Jiano?
Best Script

God is so good!!! His love is overwhelming. Thank you for the victory! Thank you for being our guide!!!
SS-LL, walisin na natin YMCA.

youth camp :)

The camp was great. Ang galing talaga ni God forever! Parang sabi either ni Ray2 or Fatima, hindi ko na itrtry idescribe dahil baka masira pa. Basta ang alam ko. God was there. He came and touched the hearts of the participants. To God be all the honor & glory!!!

To the service team, I couldn’t possibly thank you all enough.

To the participants and new brothers and sisters in the community, welcome! I’m excited to work with you in God’s vineyard. God bless!!!