Monday, November 21, 2005

the day that was

To set the record straight… To everyone who heard what I said in the benches, I don’t hate her. I just don’t like her very much. I just realized that hate is kinda harsh and really doesn’t apply to my opinion of her. And the fact that the heat was unbearable and I was really sleepy and tired didn’t help either.

So ito yun. Sana nga lang walang nagbabasang teacher. We were seriously considering cutting class a while ago. Haaay!!! I said that if Rob or Nico cut, I was going to. I mean asa pa ko. Those two people won’t cut --- ever!!! Then, there were 5 other people who were thinking of whether to do so or not. It was the longest 10 minutes ever. So that I wouldn’t have to think, I relied on the decision of 2 of them. Grabe! Hirap na hirap kami mag-cut parang ang bigat nung feeling. I don’t really know why. But due to God’s intervention through the toss coin, the 3 of us decided to go to class. Surprisingly, the 2 others followed us to class. Sabi nung iba, we should have pero well, sabi nung coin e. Haha. In fairness, when I entered the class and sat down, gumaan yung loob ko. Kasi sobrang kinakabahan na ko sa labas. I know weird, right?! Mag-cucut lang, parang grabe. Pero promise. May magaling pa mang-guilty diyan. La lng. Just wanted to share.

Then, the two Ramayana plays today. They were both elegant. I wasn’t able to complete either of the two though. I won’t write about them because I feel like dedicating a single entry for all the Ramayana plays. Pero eto lang. Best ending ever yung sa Potassium. Galing ni Jojie. It was the most amazing invitation to the prom I’ve seen sa batch namin. Dramatic and nakakakilig. Let’s see if anyone could beat that. Lahat ng tao sa audience kinikilig and tumitili na e.

So yun lng. Just wanted to share my meeting with the thought of cutting. Nagcut na ako dati pero first subject kaya parang hindi nakak-guilty kasi late na naman ako. Naglib lang ako at nag-aral nung subject na yun e.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

last sem break

Saturday am-Sunday am –YFC Metrocon (iBelieve) at Marist in Marikina. Central A3 met at Autocamp. Duh! Forever meeting place. Haha. My sister and I were late but they haven’t left yet so ok lang. When we arrived, we were welcomed by the crayola-smelling gym, the rain and the thick layers of mud in the field. Morning was dedicated to contests. Galing ng Central A. Afternoon naman workshops. Yes. Y Entrep. Resto bar namin. Lol. For the rest of the day, 2 talks, worship, praise fest and Praise Parade. I loved the second talk. The message was really getting through the participants’ minds and hearts. That explains why the one from down there was trying to disturb us. Anyway, CA3 slept in the field. We stayed in the tent. There were 4 of us in one really small tent. There were 2 other tents. The others slept in their chairs. At 4 am, they started making noise so as to wake up everyone. At 5, we started the mass. Tapos another talk and the awarding ceremonies. Oo nga pala. ang sarap ng food. Shakeys! Sobrang ok nung food. :)

Sunday am-pm – With my dad’s whole family, we went to the cemeteries to visit and pray for our beloved departed. Tapos podium kami. Lunch at Banana Leaf and dessert at Cheesecakes, etc. Yum! Yum! Sobrang pig out kami nung day na yan.

Monday am-pm - Facilitator’s training at autocamp. As usual, ang gulo ng mga mock campers. Haay!

Wednesday pm– went to the hospital para magpainject dahil sa allergies. Grabe! Bigat ng gamot kaya nakatulog na ko less than 1 minute from the shot.

Thursday am–Friday nn – CA3 Youth Camp at Glory of the Gardens in Antipolo. As usual, it was lots of fun. I was DGL to Joanna, Lindsay and Chesca. Si Lexi partner ko. It was fun. May sarili kaming houses. Yellow house yung amin. Medyo it was really purong service kasi 2 day camp lang siya kaya less time na tumanga and more time in which we were required to do stuff. :D

Sunday – Nagturo kami ng Catechism ng sister ko and nila kuya david, ate sam, ate thea, ate kams and quiel. Haha. It’s really fun. May ibang klase ring fulfillment pag mga bata yung tinuturuan mo. Ang cute kasi nila.