Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Fr. Bob's Sharing and Blessing

Ignite Prayer Meeting
June 18, 2008

I loved the prayer meeting and loved what Fr. Bob said. It truly energized me for the YFC year ahead. :)

From YFC-A Evange blog:

YFC-A invited Fr. Bob Buenconsejo, director of the Campus Ministry Office in the Ateneo Loyola Schools to give blessing to the members in the Ignite Prayer Meeting. Below is his sharing on what the impact of the YFC-Ateneo Prayer Event and his prayer for the community this year.


Look at Jesus

I was asking Cash earlier if you in fact knew the theme for the Jesuit General Congregation. One of the most important decrees there is the "Fire that kindles the Fire", and so I was quite pleasantly surprised that your theme is Ignite…That is precisely the theme of the General Congregation. It's asking the Jesuits to look at Jesus. Because it is only in looking at Jesus that you will find out who you are…today I think what you are doing is to look at Jesus so that your hearts will be aflame and that is my prayer to you.

Surprised at YFC-A

...I was so wonderfully surprised to see you here. Because I thought Ateneans are already losing their faith. And one of my greatest, greatest pains is that in a Christian University, a lot of our students are dying the light of Faith. A lot of our students become agnostic, some have [even] openly expressed their atheism. And it's so sad. This is a Christian University with the opportunity of learning the Word of God and yet many of our companions, many of your batch mates [and] we're not making a judgment here, but there is so much hostility towards God and it saddens me. But the fact that you are here gives me a bright light. You are a beacon of light here in the University.


Close your eyes and focus them on Jesus. Look at Jesus. Look into His eyes. If you can, imagine Him embracing you, imagine Him right there beside you, in all of your tiredness, in all of your feeling of unworthiness.

Loving Father, I want to thank You for calling this Ateneo Youth For Christ. For Gathering Them in their youth, in their struggle against a very secularist world. I praise you Lord because You have gathered these children of yours.

Lord Jesus, your Son, said in the Gospel of John, "I consecrate them to You Father" and I consecrate these young people, these young minds, these young hearts to you.

Loving Father, I beseech you to enkindle in them a fire of great love for You in the midst of their lives where their spirits have dampened, where their spirits have drooped, where their spirits have fallen apart.

I ask You Lord to heal them. I ask You Lord to mend their hearts. And I ask You Lord to give them a vibrant sense of Faith, a Dynamic Sense of Service, a Desire to Love, Worship and Serve You.

Loving Father enlighten them and keep them ablaze with your love.

And loving Father, keep them from harm.

Lord they're young but their hearts are full of enthusiasm. They're enthused with joy to love and serve you.

They have such wonderful gifts...

Grant them the deepest desire of their hearts, Lord. As we Journey here in Ateneo, keep them always faithful especially from that which harms their spirits.

Lord, make their journey here in Ateneo bleed the very heart of Your Son Jesus Christ, our Lord and may they always find you in the poor and in the needy so that in the end, their deepest desires, will find fulfillment in the very hearts of your Son whose heart burns for us.

And with the Almighty Father, I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen

As what Ignatius said to Francis Xavier:
Inflamate et docete. "Inflame the world with love and teach the good news"

God bless you all!