Saturday, April 28, 2007

YFC meeting at Copenhagen

So far, the vacation has been so much fun. We've gone around Singapore, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. There's so much to tell but I'll do that when I get home.

Pero yesterday, our whole family attended the General Assembly of Couples for Christ in Copenhagen. We met the members of CFC, SFC and YFC.

All of them had joint worship and fellowship. Then we went out for some activities with the YFC members. Talagang international ang YFC kasi pareho sila ng activities sa Philippines. The game we played, Trust walk, was what we did sa YFC GA in Pisay before. Also, the other games they knew were Do You Love Me. Di na nagbago. haha. And like here in the Philippines, mahilig rin sila sa pictures. :)

But we had so much fun. Most of them were Filipinos. Some full, some half. Pero meron ding mga pure Danish. They tried their best to speak in English so we could understand. Some of them even tried speaking in Filipino but they had funny accents bec all of them were already born in Denmark.

Tobian: Baboy ka.
Alan: Oo.
Alan: (confused)

Tobian: Ano ang pangalan mo?
Meryl: Meryl.
Tobian: (points at Alan) Siya gwapo o pangit?
Meryl: Gwapo.
(everone laughs)
Tobian: Baka aso. (???)
Alan: What?

They were so funny. But during the times they spoke Danish, we still didn't feel like we were out of place.

They made us feel so welcome. My dad always says it but ngayon ko lang siya naramdaman. Kahit sino pang ka community, in this case YFC, kahit first time mo lang nakilala at kahit magkaibang bansa pa kayo, there's a certain bond because of the Christ we all love and serve (parang sa maraming experiences sa Pisay... pero ibang kwento na yun. :D).

Monday, April 16, 2007

14th YFC ILC

I attended the 14th YFC International Leaders’ Conference last weekend. The theme was, “Rebolusyon ng Pag-asa.”

By the way, ilc pics nasa multiply ko. visit niyo and comment. :D

I don’t know where to start because there’s so much to share.

I'll start with this - yung nakasulat sa mga guide na binigay samin. Because these wonderfully sum up what we learned this last weekend.

1. LUPANG PANGAKO. A land full of hope is God’s promise to us.
ð Over the years, God has prepared everything in our lives, continuously defining our purpose – in this world, in our nation, in our community, among our friends, and even to the person sitting next to you. The journey continues because we are designed to live in this promise land. This is our destiny.

2. DAKILANG LAHI. The fullness of God’s promise lies in the greatness within us.
ð We are men and women called to love, to live a life of truth, and to shine Christ’s light to others. At times the challenges in our nature have led us to fall short in our purposes. Yet we believe in the promise that we can discover greatness – greatness within us that inspires greatness in others.

ð As the journey to greatness continues, we remember that there is power in unity. Unity that realizes hope – united in God and with others. We believe, we stand, we inspire, and move together. We are the generation that will become the answer to our prayers.

4. REBOLUSYON NG PAG-ASA. We stage a revolution because of the hope that God has prepared greater things for us.
ð This is only ht beginning of everything. We realize that there is a need for change and we continue to stage this revolution until that change is realized, until the promise of a great future is realized. Because of this promise, we hope. But this is more than just hopes and promises; we need to persevere in doing what we are being called to do – to bring hope by being the hope.

what I learned and realized naman.

“Ang kasalukuyan ay ang bukas ng kahapon.” This was the theme given sa kanila Jerome sa editorial noong District. It’s been said time and time again that “Ang kabataan ay pag-asa ng bayan.” Si Jose Rizal pa lang buhay na yan. Pero kailan ba dadating yung panahon na hindi na tayo aasa sa kabataan? Na kahit kinabukasan sila, ang mga matatanda ang kasalukuyan. I’m certainly praying that that generation will be ours. I was just so touched that these were both clear during Thirstquencher and in the ILC. It was just so clear that our generation wants to do something, plans to do something and is starting to do something. If we want to be hope for the future, we have to start today and not tomorrow. Yung paghihintay ng future ang nakasama sa mga nauna sa atin. Masaya akong sinimulan na natin ang Rebolusyon ng pag-asa!!!

Two. I loved session 2. Pinaghiwalay yung girls and guys. There are three things that stop us sisters from being the best revolutionaries that we could be. (1)Sin (2)Failing to realize what our part is (3)Failing to stand back up. I was especially struck by the second. Hindi ko alam kung sinasabi ito sa ibang groups pero I’m glad to be in the CFC community where we are reminded of this. Sinabi sa amin na nakakalimutan namin na iba ang role ng guys sa girls. Ang daming nagreact dito. Haha. The sisters should be there to support the brothers. Iba yung trabaho nila at iba ang atin kaya nga ginawa sila ni God na lalaki at tayo babae. Huwag natin subuking gawin ang lahat. We should allow the brothers the chance to do what they should do. Hindi sila dapat pinangungunahan. May tendencies kasi tayong mga sisters na gustuhing magawa ang lahat at since nababagalan tayo sa brothers, we decide to take over. Ang sabi daw sa guys, according to rob: “Matakot na kami when men refuse to lead. Not that women are barred from leading but just that men refuse. Yung idea is you do it not because you want power but because you want to take care of the women.” O diba? Ang ganda. Kaya sisters, always remember: don’t take over the role of the guys. Sinasabi sa amin sa yfc, we want to train the brothers to become good men who will be future leaders of their families, the community and the country. Gusto ko ng partner na kayang magstand up for his faith and his service kasi alam kong kakayanin niya rin magstand up for me. Kayo, ayaw niyo ba yun? :D

Pero di lang naman yun ang narealize ko sa session 2. Ito pa:
*”We are all princesses because your God who loves You is the King of all kings.”
*”When brothers worship, there is power and strength. When sisters worship, there is power and beauty.” :D
*"Don't think too much." This is for the ladies. I'm sure you'll all understand. :D kasi all that matters is that we're with God.
*Sabi nung worship leader ito. Tinanong niya kay God kung anong message Niya. Sinabi ni God sabihin sa sisters ito. Kasi Mahal kita. Kahit ano ang state mo, kahit masaya ka o malungkot, kahit full of energy ka o pagod na pagod na, ikaw at ikaw ang pipiliin ko para sa trabaho Ko. <= This made me cry.

Thank you Lord for touching us once again. More to come. :D

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Goodbye UP!

I did this last Saturday and it sort of hurt.

name reg #

You chose to enroll in another school.

Your confirmation tracking number is ##-#####. This page serves as your confirmation receipt. Please print a copy for your record.

You may only confirm your enrollment once online. Should you wish to change your decision, please contact Admission Section of the Office of the University Registrar, University of the Philippines, Diliman, 1101 Quezon City at 981-8500 local 4555 / 4556.

eCRS team 2006

I really believe that Ateneo would be the best university for me. Still, nasad pa rin ako nung sinagot ko nang yes yung tanong na “Are you sure you want to give up your slot?”

I mean hindi mapagkakaila na UP is the top university and that slot is something I’ve been working on since Day 1 of my Pisay life. Hindi madali ilet go.

At higit pa diyan, nakakalungkot na I won’t be studying in the university where almost all of my batchmates and friends will be studying in. I guess I would just have to hold on to our batch’s commitment to stay in touch and remain friends regardless of university, region and country.

Cecile, nalulungkot rin ako. :(

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Graduation Entry # 3:Jasmin

“Talaga? Hindi ka mukhang Jasmin,” is a comment I often get. Ano nga ba ang mukhang Jasmin?

I guess Jasmin was a pool of people who really knew how to have fun. Every break the guys would be at the basketball court even if it was only a 10 minute break in between 2 classes. The Sci stream had a different lunch period than the people in tech. We, in sci, would do our Geom homework together. Once the bell rings, the tech people come and pick up our homework. And then in art class, we all gave our best efforts to stay awake. Lol. We indeed had class unity.

Just when people were starting to list down what section they were in, the entire ’07 commented that Jasmin was going to win in the Intrams. During batch intrams, our team with Dahlia ended 3rd out of 4 teams. Lol. But that wasn’t the only thing we were good at. We won 2nd in Katutubong Sayaw. Acknowledgements to Ma’am Cardenas for everything she taught us. She actually also even bought our costumes from Mt. Province.

A lot of teachers have told us that our section had great potential. They have gone as far as telling us we were better than the other more prominent sections. I know na pwedeng pambobola yun. But I believe in that. We were a great mix. We balanced out each other. Each one had his own forte. Brought together, we were one awesome section.

In this class, I was given more than enough opportunities to lead. I absolutely loved leading the 4th quarter soc sci class project and the 4th quarer Filipino group project. I had to go to Commonwealth with my CPU and to my godfather’s house just to finish that Pinoy project. Still, I had loads of fun. Thank you sa isang usapan sa caf na narinig ko. That made me feel really happy.

Siguro nga hindi ako mukhang Jasmin. Pero dahil diyan, mas mahal ko ang Jasmin at mas nagpapasalamat ako sa kanilang lahat. Every minute in Jasmin was worth it. Even if I don’t seem like a typical Jasmin person as other people say, I felt at home. I found great friends. I guess I wouldn’t have even had the chance to know many of those people if I weren’t in Jasmin. I thank God that He didn’t make me miss out on the chance to do so.

I don’t get to talk to many of you anymore but I certainly wish to thank all of you. I was nervous at first to even be in Jasmin but ceasing to be in that section was twice as hard. I learned that things are not always what they seem. Even more, you cannot judge people before you have the chance to know them. May reunion ba ngayon? Kailan yung next?

Graduation Entry # 2:Garnet

Garnet was such a well-bonded section that my adjustment to Pisay didn't become all that hard. All the girls became friends since the 1st day of the FOP. The guys - well, it didn't take long.

We had the most unique schedule. We had a break at 7:30 - 8:20. Now I know why I never got used to waking up early. We always ended class at 5 because we had a break every 3:20 - 4:10. We had a lot of time to bond as a section and well, cram our Math homework in the morning and Art & Drafting plates in the afternoon.

We always stood up for our section and defending our section was almost always a given. During the intrams, the girls cheered so hard that we gained an archrival. We even had shifts in buying the guys water and refilling the bottles. During the kite-flying, we were all affected by the technicality that prevented one of the teams in our class to win 1st place.

Still, we had our fights. Who would have forgotten how we all ganged up on Jasper for what he was doing in our forums? Lol. Whenever there were class projects, we ended up shouting at each other and complaining how the guys couldn’t sing. Despite all that, we end up being happy with how things turn out.

It was only when I was in 2nd year that I learned what the other sections in the batch thought of us. They actually thought we were secluded and that we weren’t even bonded. I guess we were in a world of our own. I didn’t care because I enjoyed every moment with G07.

After that year, we never really got to bond anymore. Actually, I think I was one of those who fell apart. It didn’t help that there were only two Garnetians in my second year section. Still, this section will keep a special place in my heart. All the people in that class were my first friends. They were the people who helped me adapt to a new environment. I will forever remember all of you. I pray we get some time to catch up on each other. I love you, Garnet.