Thursday, June 21, 2007


YFC-Pisay and lahat na rin, attend tayo ng CFC-YFC Ateneo Fresh Care on Monday, June 25 4:30-6 at CTC 102. :D

See you there! Btw, kung hindi pa kayo nag-sisign up, magsign-up na kayo sa Monday. :) Super love the officers. Ang bait nila lahat. And the interviewers, Kuya Jaron, Ate Mika and Kuya Cash are super nice.

Can't wait to be part of YFC-Ateneo. :D And ACMG and CompSAt too. I'm so org oriented. haha. :p


I'd really love to blog right now but everything seems to be blurry. I'm still at a stage where I'm confused when I really don't want to be.

I'd be a hypocrite if I say I've totally adjusted to being a college student and studying at the Ateneo. But it is a great desire in my heart that in the very near future, I'd be able to sing with utmost sincerity "Win or lose, it's the school we choose. This is the place where we belong!"

No matter how confused I am, I continue to hold on to God's promise. I think it's the same verse Jao placed sa grad pics. I've heard it more than twice this week. I don't remember when. Hindi sa Mass at hindi ko rin nabasa sa Bible. Pero naencounter ko siya ng ilang ulit. And I guess ito yung version ng IM sa akin ni God. :D

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.


Block N, thank you so much! :D Super laking relief nung nakilala ko kayo kasi narealize ko na yung blockmates ko wasn't one of the things I had to worry about anymore sa pagaadjust ko sa college. I love you all, block N!!! I'm in the best block ever. :)

Thank you so much Ray2 for visiting!!! Sorry na nahingan pa kita ng 2php. haha. Love you, girl. Miss ko na talaga kayo. :( Bonding natin dapat overnight na, hindi lang school visits. Seeing you occasionally helps me a lot. :p

Rob and Jason, thanks! Ngayon ko lang kayo nakakwentuhan sa school since start of the school year. haha. Thanks uli!

Fatima, may plan next week. Sana matuloy. Magkita tayo. :D

Yung mga iniimbita ko diyan(sana alam niyong kayo yun. 2 lang kayo actually. :p), punta na kayo. At kahit di pa kita naiimbita, visit niyo lang kami, let us know you're coming, willing kami magtour ng tao. :D

Monday, June 11, 2007

ORSEM 2007!

I just wish to thank the ORSEM Organizing Committee, our TnTs Ate Gui and Kuya Miggy, our Logs Ate Kara and Kuya Glen, Block N (we're the best!!!!), the Pisay Ateneans, and everyone else who made the event possible. Despite the fact that I hate how much my body hurts, I loved the ORSEM and I enjoyed it. Pictures in my multiply.

Weeks ago, I was becoming nervous about studying in Ateneo. For a Pisay student, there is more uncertainty about being in Ateneo than there is being in UP. I think I've said this before already. For one, UP is "similar" to Pisay, the home we've grown to love. Second, there are more familiar faces in UP. It holds the most Pisay alumni and most of my closest friends. I think it would be quite reasonable for me to say that it must be scarier to be in Ateneo and making that choice was not easy. For me, Ateneo was not the easy choice.

During the ORSEM, my favorite parts were those held in the Irwin Theater. And no, not only because that place was airconditioned. It was because I learned more about the school I was entering and everything I learned made me love the school more.

Many people have tackled independence. I have my own take. Maybe there is more independence in UP. Maybe UP people are given more space to determine their actions. Maybe Ateneo is stricter. But maybe I'll love it that way. Maybe mabuti sa akin yun. Yung merong teacher breathing down my neck. Yung may taong mangungulit sa akin para gawin yung best ko. Yung may hindi papayag na pabayaan ko lang ang pag-aaral ko. Maybe that's what I need. My mom's take on independence: "You'll have a lot of time to be independent. For the mean time, why not enjoy being taken care of?" Hindi rin naman madali sa Ateneo. I know I'll be pushed to my limits. As I'm pushed, I wouldn't mind getting the attention. I believe Ateneo will give me the enough independence and the enough care I need at this point in my life.

That's not to say I didn't enjoy Pisay. I learned so much from Pisay. I just know that it was the right high school for me. And in the same way, Ateneo is the right university for me.

And that's not all Ateneo can give me. It provides an extremely high quality of education that will serve me well in the future. They have one of the most awarded CS departments in the country. They do well in the ACM and they do well in life. As an answer to Ma'am Rodrigo's challenge, I am indeed ready to be part of the legacy that DISCS and the Ateneo has.

To top all that, I'm going to enjoy the orgs, being in a Catholic school, and the environment. I've said this before. I love Ateneo's aura.

Ateneo's quickly becoming another one of my homes. I can't say it's the best school simply because each person has his own niche. Ateneo is mine. It's UP for others, DLSU for some, etc. It's just I'm really glad I found my new home and that I can wholeheartedly say that I made the right decision. I can proudly say the Pisay '07 Ateneans made the right decision. And I am extremely thankful to God for that!

Indeed, no other university does it better than ADMU! :D


Pardon the overuse of the word love. It's the most appropriate word I know. :D


Ray2, i have four years to find out. :D


Block N, I wish to get to know each and every one of you better. :D


Because I loved that Ate Marga listed down every Pisay '06 student in Ateneo, I'll do the same. Please tell me kung may nakakalimutan ako or kung may misplaced. :)

CS - Clarisse, Rikka, Kristine
Chem-ACS - Joriel, Jason, Jecay
Chem-MSE - Rob, Dani
MIS - Anj
ECE - Cindy, Nikki, Francis, Kevin Garcia
AMF - Anapat, Ed, Gian
Physics - Cheska
Physics w/ Applied Computer Systems - Louie
Bio - Angeli
Mgt-H - Karllo
ME - Paola, Eduard, Axel, Mara, Ivan, RV, Kat Chan, Janel, Lara, Angelo Cruz, Justin, Depeds

Thank you, guys. Each one of you makes being in Ateneo a little less harder and a lot more lovelier. <<<3

//special thanks to anapat for the correction and addition. :)


To the entire Batch '07, I love all of you. <3 Even if we go our separate ways and find new homes for ourselves, may we continue to build our batch's legacy. The legacy that we formed when we decided to commit ourselves to the service of God and our country. As much as we've been an interesting batch back in high school, I'm pretty sure that was just the tip of the iceberg. Because we're just getting started. Keep in touch. God bless!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


I'm officially an atenean! Enrollment was quite tiring but I guess better than Pisay and UP (from what I hear).

I'm nervous about college especially about my PE. But with God's grace, I know everything's going to be fine. I'll be with my blockmates tom. I hope to have fun.

And had lunch with some Pisay people who are going to Ateneo. Love them, all. I think there's going to be a lot of us. I estimated 20. There might be 30+. In a couple of years, maybe 1/3 of Pisay graduates will choose Ateneo over UP. hehe.